Your about to lose me hot college

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I have no relevant degrees attached to my name. I offer you no studies or citations. I have no books, pills, shakes or exercise equipment to sell you. No YouTube channel for you to subscribe to. No seminars for you to attend. And if, by happenstance, a lightbulb goes off in your mind by the time you finish reading this article and you decide to invest in your health and fitness as a result, well then — mission accomplished. Over the past few months, my lifestyle and hopefully lifespan has drastically improved because of what some dentists have shared with me — namely, 8 Health and Fitness Ideas.

Before we get into the nitty gritty, a caveat: this is my story. What worked for me may not for you. Men are physiologically different than women. Family health history, medication, stress levels, sleep, and what we consume all have an impact on our bodies and minds. Take what I write with a grain of salt. Please talk to your doctor first before embarking on your own health and fitness journey.

No abs were visible. I needed eight hours of sleep and multiple coffees to keep me going throughout the day. Was I happy with my physical appearance? It was acceptable. Your about to lose me hot college, Parastou my wife never complained. Fast forward to today. I feel full and energized all the time. I get through the day with just six hours of sleep and two cups of coffee. And it all came about because of these 8 health and fitness ideas that dentists gave me.

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My entire perception of food was wrong. But I discovered that there are so many amazing benefits to eating within certain timeframes or not at all for extended periods of time hours. And to top it all off, I was an emotional eater. If I had a good day, I was going to reward myself with a steak and a few glasses of red wine. If I was having an off day, I would punish my body with comfort food to make me feel better — like spicy chicken wings, ribs, pizza, or a burrito. You get the idea. Enter Dr. Ming Yau general practitioner, Etobicoke.

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When I was helping him sell his dental practice last summer, he told me that my organs have a certain lifespan i. Gift 1: The idea, for example, is for me to eat all my meals during a six or eight-hour window i. Then, give my organs a chance to recover, perform better, and last longer. But he kept Your about to lose me hot college. Yau suggested I use healthy and high-quality fat as my energy source instead of sugar. In other words, Gift 2: The keto diet. Keto is about putting the body into a state of ketosis by depriving it of starchy and sugary carbs so that it has no choice but to burn what we give it a.

Keto friendly foods include grassfed meat, eggs, avocado, nuts, certain hard cheeses, high-fat cream and plain yogurt, various high-quality vegetable oils, fatty wild fish, etc. Keto also includes eating above-ground veggies to get nutrients and fibre. Think leafy greens, cucumber, asparagus, brussels sprouts, broccoli, mushrooms, etc. And minimal fruits and alcohol because of the high sugar content. I thought it all made sense. Plus, the prospect of eating more fat was intriguing. By the way, Dr. Do I crave carbs and sugar? Not one bit. Do I cheat?

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Abs-so-lutely more on that below. Do I have endless amounts of energy throughout the entire day? No more needing to catch up on sleep. And when I talked to Dr. Gomes, he felt the exact same way. Yes, I felt great but I really needed to start eliminating internal visceral fat. I was missing something. After talking to Dr. James Vassallo retired general practitioner, MississaugaI discovered the benefits of Gift 3: Calorie counting. I learned that I needed to burn 3, more calories than I consumed to lose 1 lb of solid fat. With that little bit of knowledge, I set my daily caloric intake to 1, calories and I burned 1, calories working out 2 x minute workouts per day was my typical routine and stayed active walking or taking the stairs throughout the day to burn another 2, calories.

The math resulted in a daily average deficit of 1, calories, or roughly 0. Because of Dr. At the same time, I subscribed Your about to lose me hot college My Fitness Pal, a popular mobile phone app that allows me to track my caloric intake, as well as my weight and water intake. I particularly like the bar-code scanner on the app, which instantly gives me all the nutritional information of virtually everything I can put in my mouth. It makes inputting calories super easy and, dare I say, addictive. I substituted certain higher calorie keto-friendly foods like cheese, bacon and steak, with lower calorie ketofriendly foods like egg whites, almonds, and veggies.

I also started putting hot sauce on everything because spicy food is low-calorie and helps speed up your metabolism as does being in lower temperature environments. I was drinking about three litres per day and it certainly helped with weight loss and internal regulation. And the cycle repeats. The good news is that after speaking with uberfit and health conscious Dr.

Case in point, Dr. Mohanta cheats on her diet all the time. I do whatever feels good. I just need half of it to get the sweet taste that I crave.

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Food is here for us; not the other way around. So, I took Dr. With that being said, and perhaps because of the keto diet, I actually do not have cravings for unhealthy food or alcohol. If I do consume those things, my body will punish me with excess bloating, dehydration, lack of focus and grogginess there goes my productivity at work or performance while exercising.

These are things that I unconsciously accepted before, but which I do not consciously accept now. Mohanta goes on to explain how she erects barriers to mitigate bad habits. Eating the bone marrow inside is a special treat for me something my dad and older brothers and I would fight over years ago when my mom made Ossobuco. When Dr. But what role did exercise play in my journey? It helped me burn more calories than I consumed Your about to lose me hot college that I could lose the weight and eventually control it.

There are so many other benefits to exercising, including de-stressing, reducing risk of disease, strengthening muscles and bones, increasing energy levels, regulating various internal systems insulin, growth hormones, sleep, etc. Walks or runs? Cardio or weights? Yoga or sports?

High interval intensity training? What I learned from Dr. Yau and Dr. Mohanta is to simply stay active and change it up regularly. It helps prevent boredom and injury, and shocks the body so it never gets used to the same routine. Finally, I make sure to track my caloric burn and heart rate on my polar heart rate monitor. Yau my roommate was wearing a funny-looking ring to bed.

Your about to lose me hot college

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