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MOTIV8 provides a total solution for customer motivation. By combining decades of brand expertise with the most powerful Www motiv8 com platform on the market, we take your users on a journey from low-commitment engagements and turn them into highly activated brand champions. Using an advanced gamification engine we can engage users at every consumer touchpoint, incentivizing just about any behavior you can dream up. MOTIV8 transforms game attendees into rabid fans, igniting their social networks, incentivizing early arrivals and driving concessions purchases while offering on-brand rewards like ed merchandise and exclusive seat upgrades.

With seamless POS integration you can know where fans are using points and how, while loading up their tickets with special discounts and purchase points. From the athletic department to the arts department, colleges and universities can motivate behavior across an entire campus, instilling school pride, increasing attendance at events and increasing gifts from donors large and small.

You can customize the experience for students, alumni and donors, ensuring MOTIV8 is fine-tuned for each unique audience. Unique rewards like watching a show from the wings or making a guest appearance on stage drive season subscriptions and donations. With geotags and mobile check-ins, museums can track how attendees explore galleries and what keeps them lingering.

Motivating teams just got Www motiv8 com lot easier. Rewards unique to your business and employees can ignite a healthy workplace culture while quizzes and surveys can certify knowledge about particular policies and procedures. Time to take the wine club to the next level. Whether you are a tourism agency encouraging visitors to discover those hard-to-find gems, a winery rewarding enthusiasts for tasting every season, or Www motiv8 com business district enticing shoppers to stay downtown as long as possible, MOTIV8 has a solution.

Digital passports, loaded value and time-sensitive discounts make sure tourists, enthusiasts and members hit all the rights spots, sharing valuable and accurate information along the way. A CITY. A ZOO. The Arts. Key Features. Learn More.

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Www motiv8 com

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