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AND somebody, it seems, is always trying to shut her up. Now, Susie Bright comes to the University of Minnesota. In March, Bright was invited to speak at this elite, all-female institution outside of Boston.

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About 1, people showed up, and not just students and faculty. In her honor, the Colonial-style auditorium was converted into a kind of carnal carnival, with condoms, safe-sex pamphlets, chocolate nipples and other Women want sex Bright items on display. As it happened, President Clinton was in town, too, to give his take on the state of the Union--jobs and health care. But at Wellesley, 15 minutes before show time, campus police received an anonymous phone call.

After an hour of frantic phone calls, campus officials found an alternate location. Not that Bright had a problem with that. Susie Sexpert--author, adviser, educator, pornography aficionado and all-around sex guru. Her credo is simple: Sex is fun. Prudery kills. Fantasies are healthy and important.

And given empathy, latex and some basic instruction, anything Women want sex Bright occurs between two consenting adults is A-OK. Her mission: sexual empowerment, especially for women. Such frankness is the hallmark of a new pro-sex politics that is emerging among women, especially young women. It is the reason Bright has suddenly gotten, in a word, hot. She packs college auditoriums and movie theaters across the country.

No wonder. Between AIDS, Christian chastity clubs, anti-porn campaigns and date rape controversies, the national libido seems to be in full retreat. Now, at the moment of climax, how many of you were thinking about a walk on the beach or a bouquet of balloons? Come on, be honest! Beach walking is a really nice romantic fantasy, so are sunsets, dinner for two, etc. Sexual fantasies take place in a seething psychic nether world but not many people will admit it. Women want sex Bright many people find so attractive about Bright is her approach. Our leaders, from the Hall of Congress to the most politically correct, have plenty of life experience that directly contradicts their sexual rules for others.

You began to get an anti-male, anti-sex kind of philosophy taking over. Ideology began to take over. The fight over feminism is one of the only anti-PC fights. Comprehensive coverage of contemporary sexuality, therefore, needs to cover a lot of ground, analyzing everything from Christianity to cyberspace. Her address usually contains some standard Bright-isms, as well as some fresh takes on the hot sex topic of the day. At Wellesley, the topic--repression of sexual speech--was handed to her in the form of a bomb scare.

She fields the mundane and the taboo with equal felicity. Her answers: There are a few excellent videos on female ejaculation.

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Even her Macintosh is programmed to moan sensuously. Rape fantasies? Does craving penetration make a lesbian a traitor? Her green eyes are almost always concealed by librarianesque horn-rimmed glasses and her extensive sexual is delivered in a voice with a wholesome Middle-American ring to it. At this distance, her lack of inhibition becomes contagious.

Even the Wellesley campus police officer who sat with her during the bomb scare, Bright says, asked her about some of his own sexual concerns. Susie is able to say it in a way that people can understand it, and it makes them feel comfortable. I might describe how it feels or why it feels good. But they see me talking about it like a really fun social science teacher.

And Bright has attracted no shortage of mainstream types. It widens your world a little bit. Her activist membership was confirmed inwhen she was a student at West L. She filed a lawsuit that pitted the Red Tide, a Marxist-revolutionary newspaper, against the L. Unified School District, which had tried to prevent distribution of the paper citywide. By that time, however, Bright had moved to the Midwest to start a Red Tide among the Detroit urban poor and leap full time into socialist politics and organizing.

Being openly bisexual in an extremely politicized lesbian culture, she says, made her a Women want sex Bright outlaw two times over. Her voice rises and falls in Women want sex Bright kind of singsong sarcasm. We talk about peace and environmentalism. Then I bring you to an orgasm, you bring me to an orgasm simultaneously.

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And it was on and on and on, a very unrealistic idea of how to relate sexually. Bright had begun questioning other aspects of feminism when she and her friends were organizing the first Take Back the Night marches Women want sex Bright Northern California. The idea was to gather at midnight in the most dangerous part of town, then hold a rally afterward. During one rally, one woman burned pornographic photos she had taken from the library. The evolution of Susie Sexpert began in earnest around Bright had been commuting frequently to San Francisco during her UC Santa Cruz days to fulfill her requirements for her self-invented emphasis: Sexual Politics.

It was here where Bright began to make a career of sex. Then, inBright was asked to a start-up magazine called On Our Backs, a for-women, by-women publication. Her experiments with sex toys became column material for On Our Backs. Her readers learned how she organized a literary soiree, in which the women dressed to the nines and the all-male service staff worked in the nude. Then, when she became pregnant, sex during pregnancy became the topic du jour, despite considerable flak from the separatist community.

He had a fetish for impregnating women and, Bright says, popped the question just as her biological alarm clock was ringing. She accepted the offer as well as full responsibility for the. These essays were then incorporated into her two books. People thought we were crazy.

We were a plague. Certainly Sundahl, Bright and company were way ahead of the curve as far as lesbian chic goes. Inshe moved further into the hetero world. There was some authentic feeling. At least 1, It was full of women who just loved it. It was a moment where we knew that the work was gathering steam and momentum. Giobbe, a former prostitute turned activist who testified before the Meese Commission as a survivor of commercial exploitation, is active in Women want sex Bright legislation. It hurts your health. It hurts your mind, spirit and body.

These premises came from the Women want sex Bright experiences of women like myself. Bright is by no means the first self-described feminist to draw the wrath of her sisters over matters of the flesh. But when it comes to navigating the tricky questions surrounding date rape and sexual harassment, Bright, a rape survivor herself, argues that female reluctance to initiate or take responsibility for a sexual experience muddies the issue of consent. That is what gives children and women--the two groups that are always thought of as being sexually at a disadvantage and victimized--a chance to react strongly with some kind of confidence and sense of intactness.

But Bright claims that she realizes that life off-stage is not as simple as her glib, flashy shoot-from-the-hip reders make it out to be. And the Bright side has a few criticisms of its own. Closing ranks on this side of the divide is a diverse group of renegade feminists. Bright, by her own admission, has originated few of these ideas. She makes people laugh.

Women want sex Bright

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