Why is valentines day so important

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I love romance as much as the next girl, but if you are married or dating, it can feel like a Hallmark holiday. When I was single, it felt like a reminder that I was not in a couple, even if other days I was totally OK with my status. The history of Saint Valentine is murky, at best. There are at least three different legends of a man named Valentine, which honor acts defending Christians against Roman persecution and, to a lesser degree, the virtue of romantic love.

One of the Valentines was likely martyred. Pope Gelasius declared February 14 as St. The Roman Catholic Church dropped St. Valentine from the calendar of official, worldwide Catholic feasts inlikely due to the unclear origins of the holiday.

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In American culture, it is a day meant to honor romantic love and has expanded to include friendships and close family. Love is being able to disagree without feeling shame and maintaining a sense of togetherness in times of both intimacy and autonomy. Love is real, authentic, and reciprocal.

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Love respects boundaries, emotional and physical. Love offers encouragement, support, and acceptance while standing up for what is good and moral.

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Love is willing to sacrifice for the good of the couple or for the higher good of faith. Love is not demanding or forced affection. It is not smothering or controlling, disrespectful or dishonest. Love is given freely. It is open to life and bears spiritual fruit in the lives of the lovers. And clearly, love is faithful, in every sense of the word. You can focus on celebrating the virtues of love, in any relationship you choose to honor that day.

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If you want to be authentic, then you can talk about your dilemma with your girlfriend. If you want to foster a sense of support and acceptance, then ask her what is most important about the celebration, and then try to honor what it means to her. If you are coerced into an expensive gift or date night, then likely your relationship is struggling with acceptance and support. It may be your girlfriend is craving some assurance of how you feel about her or your commitment to the relationship.

Grand gestures will not be able to replace emotional intimacy if the security of your bond is in question. The message of the Church is more focused on the meaning of love as taught by our Creator. If you are choosing to be with your girlfriend, then you are called to take care of her heart. Only you know the best way to do that, and I would imagine it comes down to more than a box of chocolates. I sense you may be feeling resentful toward her, so it may be time to have a conversation with yourself and find out why. It may mean gifts or a special evening out or simply time together.

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Why is valentines day so important

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Why Is Valentine’s Day a Big Deal?