When a man avoids eye contact with a woman

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Two main characters will stare at each other. In order to stare the problem in the face, AskMen spoke with a handful of dating experts and therapists who know a thing or two on the topic.

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Eye contact is a powerful connection between two human beings. Being able to recognize and respond to it, whether verbally or in terms of understanding what it means, is a big part of human interaction.

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That feeling of seeing and being seen is what begins the courtship process, says Dr. Yes, eye contact can mean attraction, but it can also mean a simple, non-romantic or non-sexual curiosity. And even within attraction, eye contact can convey different things.

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To break that down, here are three different ways attraction can manifest itself in terms of eye contact. One potential reason for that?

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As well, staring can often imply that someone is objectifying you by looking at just your body, rather than your true self. According to Barrett, the quick, furtive glance is actually a pretty common of eye-contact attraction.

However, this is typically only the case for people who spend a fair amount of time together platonically, where admitting to a crush might be inappropriate. A few good moments of eye contact can open a person up to seeing you as a potential romantic interest without so much as a word. Perhaps the most important rule of attraction through eye contact, as you may have gleaned earlier, is that too much of it can be creepy.

Women in particular are often used to unwanted attention from men, and staring too long and hard at a woman can ify that you might be a threat rather than a potential candidate for romance. Instead, limit your looking to a few brief glances. Search AskMen Search.

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When a man avoids eye contact with a woman

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