What to do on a 1 year anniversary

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She's also a communication expert who shares tips on motivation and relationships. Read full profile. Every mature relationship has had a less-than-memorable anniversary. Maybe one of you forgot, or both of you got busy with work, kids, family issues, or something else. Whatever happened, the day came and went without fanfare.

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And neither of you seemed to notice or much care. Anniversaries offer the wonderful opportunity to relive beautiful memories, practice gratefulness for your partner, and to show your love and strengthen your bond. The best way to create a memorable anniversary is to do something new and different together as a couple.

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Stretch yourselves a bit. While boredom can silently kill a relationshipnew experiences reinforce the shared bond you already have and create strong new memories. Just think back to the most ificant memories you have right now with your spouse and imagine what new ones you can create! While you enjoy your chosen anniversary activity, be sure to keep a positive attitude and make your partner happy too on that day.

Leave all arguments and day to day detail behind. Just celebrate your relationship.

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Whether your budget is big or small, and whether you have a little or a ton of time together, focus on each other. There are tons of options, in terms of location, level of physical activity, and cost.

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A lot.

What to do on a 1 year anniversary

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Romantic and unique things to do on your anniversary