What makes you women respond to these ads

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Each year around the holiday and month of Marchbrands parade women-centric initiatives and female empowerment messages in an attempt to show solidarity and resonate with a large demographic.

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But not every brand gets it right. Making a genuine connection between the brand and the message is a must on our Empower score. The second version was the stronger performer of the two, but both ificantly beat Sporting Goods Store norms across every quantitative score. Out of all of thesethe second version scored highest on Inspiring and made the strongest emotional impact across a wide array of positive metrics, including: NarrativeCinematicCuriosity and Cool.

LinkedIn took a targeted approach to their IWD spot, focusing on working Moms who may have a gap in their from time off. The focus on the courageous, hard-working women of the past resulted in al on our Empower metric, which is quite an impressive feat given only While it also scored Solid Empower al, the negative cultural impact outweighed the positive.

A handful of viewer comments below illustrates where some of the Strong Exploit al originated from:.

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I found it rather obvious and somewhat heavy-handed in its approach. What is it really saying about women or their use of Mac products, and, for that matter, who cares? It was weird having still images just play over a beyonce song.

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Does beyonce know youre using her song. It would be more engaging if the photos changed to the beat of the song. The song cuts of really weirdly. However that was countered with a slightly higher score on Exploitwith females ages contributing to this al most. Shell, perhaps an unexpected entrant in the IWD ad fray, produced a spot that seemed on its face to be a fairly benign ad about empowerment. It is key for brands to show actual action taken, not simply words. The spot evoked equal levels of Empower and Exploitputting the spot into Edgy territory.

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However, it seemed cheapened by the fact that the women shown in the commercial were not shown is a capacity, role or program at the organization, just a play on words. But it was overt pandering to women. Even as a woman, I am tired of seeing all of the feminist hype these days.

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Or are they sincere about treating women equally? Women noted that the ad took female victimization too far, landing the spot highest on our Sexist Emo. Exploit was also among the highest score of the IWD. To point out something like fewer hours in a day like all the men in the universe purposely chose a day with fewer hours just to spite women for a fitness company is a little sad.

I thought it was going somewhere meaningful. It took until the last second of the ad to show the product. However, light al on our Narrative Emo indicates some females connected with the subtle gender storyline, whereas male emotional responses related to the product and the innovative features ProdtasticUpcale :.

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In most cases, female viewers found these more exploitative than males suggesting this type of messaging might alienate more than one would expect when targeting half of consumers. March 17th, Author Ace Metrix. Disabilities in Advertising: Representation is on the Rise. Stay Connected with Ace Metrix.

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