Wanting company when i go on my vacation

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I will confess that as a new manager, years ago, my heart always sank just a little bit when someone on my team told me they were hoping to plan a long vacation.

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The ugly reality of being one or — gasp! But with time and experience, I realized becoming a better vacation manager was actually far more important than the challenges of enduring a temporary gap in staffing.

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Not only are employees entitled to the time off, but research shows that taking it is critical for both their engagement and to avoid long-term burnout. My own sense is that the older generations are far more reluctant to take all of their entitled vacation days than Millennials, who seem to recognize that vacations are a critical part of their desired work-life balance.

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As a manager, I also realized that figuring out how to cope with the ebb and flow of vacations actually forced me to make sure my team was collaborating and cross-training. What if one employee wants a bucket-list vacation to Asia at the same time another is planning a dream wedding?

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Employees with school-aged children start with limits that may make those with more life flexibility feel that they always get the short straw. How can you get the balance right and be fair to everyone?

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How to Manage Your Team’s Vacation Requests