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Did you know that the vehicle you drive on the road in New Zealand is supported by a regulatory process that ensures your safety? Most drivers and owners of vehicles have no idea that vehicles in New Zealand are subject to strict safety and inspection standards before they enter the NZ vehicle fleet and while they are operated on our ro. VINZ are recognised as experts in the field, our staff are passionate about what they do and the outcomes achieved.

By ing VINZ you immediately become part of a business that is expanding and with that comes excellent opportunities to display your talents, support and lead that growth and be rewarded for your contribution. VINZ offer attractive remuneration packages and Vinz new zealand range of benefits. VINZ offer a rewarding career to talented individuals whose efforts are recognised and given every encouragement and support to plan for future development. It is now a privately owned company.

We originally provided services to the rapidly growing used vehicle import industry, motor dealers and their customers. We are a market leader in imported used vehicle certification. We Vinz new zealand established a nationwide agent network with major partnerships in main centres to handle inspection of large bulk shipments of vehicles.

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We also work at agent sites — enabling faster vehicle processing from arrival ports to motor vehicle sale yards. We also have retail vehicle testing stations in key cities, employing skilled technicians and specialist mechanics.

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Over 20 years old, Vinz has long been a key service provider for nationwide rental fleets, and regional road transport and commercial fleet operations. They have to demonstrate practical technical skills and know-how many are specialist mechanics ; display exceptional customer skills and be able to document and process vehicle information. We provide technical support and training so our service staff can provide high quality advice and services to all our customers. Inspectors continue to learn and refresh their knowledge, so they recognize the latest standards and vehicle conditions.

Inspector performance is regularly reviewed by Vinz and NZTA to ensure they reach the high standards required by Vinz. Thank you! We have received your request. You will get notifications when a job arrives from this employer. We've been helping people realise their dream of moving to New Zealand for over a decade.

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Vinz new zealand

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