Top sad songs of all time

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Sadness comes in many forms, but there is a song to capture every aspect of sorrow.

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For this list we're ranking the all time best sad songs, and we're letting you vote for the songs you love the most. Some of the best songs about being sad are about the sadness that comes from missing someone, while other songs about sadness are about feeling depressed with life in general.

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Beautiful songs about sadness have been written by rock stars, rappers and country musicians. Redding released this sad track back in Damon Albarn is a master at writing good songs about sadness. What song do you pop on when you want to listen to a song about sadness?

Vote your favorite to the top of this list and share your thoughts in the comments section. Everybody Hurts.

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Fix You. The Arcana. With or Without You. Eleanor Rigby.

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The Tears Of A Clown. The sad river. Heartbreak Hotel.

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Poor Poor Pitiful Me. Most of Us Are Sad. Sad Souvenirs. Sad Songs and Waltzes. Gloomy Sunday.

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Who's Sad. Fa-fa-fa-fa-fa Sad Song. Play a Sad Song. Heart Like a Sad Song. Stay with Me. Sad Sad Song.

Top sad songs of all time

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The 55 Best Sad Songs All of Time