Thieves egypt solitaire

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Please consider supporting our work by disabling your ad blocker. Fifty-five cards are dealt face-up to the 10 tableau piles, with a varying amount of cards for each pile in the shape of a downward facing pyramid: one card is dealt to the 1st pile, three cards to the 2nd, five to the 3rd, seven to the 4th, nine to the 5th, 10 to the 6th, eight to the 7th, six to the 8th, four to the 9th and two to the 10th pile. The 49 remaining cards Thieves egypt solitaire face-down into the stock.

The waste and eight foundation piles are empty at the start. The tableau is built in descending order and by alternating color. Single cards can be moved, and also card sequences that are correctly ordered can be moved together.

Only Kings or sequences starting with a King can be moved to an empty tableau pile. Click the stock pile to reveal an additional card, which is moved to the waste. If the stock is empty, you can click it to reset all cards Thieves egypt solitaire waste to stock. You can only reset the stock once.

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The foundations are built in-suit in ascending order. The top card of any tableau pile or the waste pile can be moved to the foundation. Thanks for your vote. I am constantly trying to improve Solitaire Paradise, all feedback is helpful to me! Hi, I'm Tomas from SolitaireParadise. Just let me know and I will do my best to look into it! Your feedback will NOT be visible for anyone except me.

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If a game is not working, make sure to give some details about what is wrong, and your so I can contact you with a solution. Home Games 2 Games 3.

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Thieves of Egypt Solitaire by Fupa