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Both Jason Breakey and Barrett Stone have over a decade of experience with helping single adults find friendship, fun, romance and often times marriage. Premier Singles PremierSingles.

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Inspired by the success of OKSingles. Ted Law- also known as Theodore D. Ted Law TogetherDating. Since that time, Ted Law has been attempting to harm Premier Singles by posting information on the internet in an attempt to defame Premier Singles.

Premier Singles is a successful dating service with happy clients and many success stories that is being attacked by a ruthless coward who could not afford to pay Premier Singles for services rendered and is angry because Premier Singles decided to terminate a business relationship with Mr. Ted Law is spreading false information about how Premier Singles does not service any of their clients and how they run a "Scam", "Cheat People" and are dishonest. This is not true and I am truly sorry to see the measures that a reckless and vindictive individual would impose not only on Premier Singles but also on Premier Singles clients and employees.

Ted Law is operating under the name t Innovations, Inc. The officers of the corporation are listed below. The people they meet are single and live in the same local area. Premier Singles' personalized approach combined with their compassionate member relations team help put each member in a position Ted law dating service gain exposure to quality singles that fit the criteria they seek in a potential date. Premier Singles, Jason Breakey and Barrett Stone have a Ted law dating service for helping others and are staying focused on building locations throughout the United States and Canada.

Premier Singles clients love the service we provide and many of Ted Law's employees now work for Premier Singles because Mr. Law has been forced to downsize as a result Ted law dating service Premier Singles success. Premier Singles accomplishment is attributed to it's sincere desire to be of service to every clients.

Our passion for helping single adults find friendship, fun, romance and often times marriage has given us tremendous strength in the marketplace. Instead of writing negative things about Ted Law and being counter productive we are staying focused on delivering superior service to our clients. That's where we choose to focus our energy. We are excited about opening more offices and are committed to providing our clients with a service that is unparalleled in our industry.

Jason was arrested in December for charges including a possession of marijuana, b unlawful concealment of a handgun, and c resisting arrest. Prior to these charges, Jason was arrested and charged on April 14th in Cleburne, TX for possession of marijuana. He plead guilty to this charge and received a reduced charge of disorderly conduct on September 29th Prior to the above three arrests, Jason Breakey was arrested on May 31st in Dallas Ted law dating service for possession of between pounds of marijuana and unlawful possession of firearms.

He was found guilty for these charges and was sentenced to eight years of probation. Records located for such charges span a time period from October to as recent as March The records identified only are those found in Dallas County — more Ted law dating service exist in other courts in other cities across the country in the markets he and his companies have operated in.

A company — Christian Singles — was sued out of business. Specific examples of on-line reports that provide comments regarding business partners Jason Breakey have been associated with, reports by former clients, and reports by former employees can be located at the following sites. Note while these are comments that cannot be substantiated, there appears to be a common thread in the type and nature of client and employee complaints. I use to work very close with this company for about 5 months.

I worked close to jason and barrett and i can promise anyone that this men are pigs and only care about money. Out of the thousands of members they have only about are true. Im not going to lie. How they are so successful is because the department you work in is all you know about. Only a hand full of people actually knows what goes on all around the business. You keep people in the dark and they don't ask questions. Jason also does drugs. I was offered a boob job by Jason and asked to have sex with him. I declined and after that was not spoke to unless he needed something that he didn't want to do.

Barrett has slept with more girls in that company its ridiculous. The workers who make the calls are only get paid when people up. Once they come in you will sit down with a "relationship councilor" which is just someone that works there that is hot so you will upafter that you get a background check which is true I use to do themthen you have to wait about a week before you get a password so you cannot get out of your contract because you have only 3 days to cancel your contract if you try to cancel then they will just resale you so if your going to cancel don't give in to themyou in and its nothing like you were described.

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Premier singles spends on advertisement on google a day. I worked for this company for three days I was trained by Cameron Sharpe aka Barrett Stone, He was a very intimidating individual, still displayed himself as a very wealthy individual walking around in deer clothes, carrying around his brand new Apple Iphone and MAC laptop all over the place. He would have meetings with the staff twice a day saying that he was hired by Jason B.

In every meeting he was very intimidating and always used very vulgar language. My third day I was sitting at my cubical where Barrett was standing talking with Jason about how they needed to go back to the bar and buy more drinks for the ladies so that they could get more pictures for their website. They were using pictures of hot girls so that they could make them profiles and use them or cities all over the country to trick men into buying a membership. Then when these young girls would come in to talk to a relationship counselor they would receive a FREE membership.

We had cell phones from all over the country that we were advised to call off of when calling certain cities because these phones would trick people into answering their phones when they saw the local area code. My third day was my second day on the phones I had only been on the phone for a total of 5 hours combined on both days with le that Ted law dating service over one year old.

During a meeting with all the staff about 30 people Barrett asked the new people to stand up in front of everyone and he asked us who has set an appointment today? This was the most humiliating thing anyone has ever done to me, he did this to three other employees the same time. The new plan for this company is to go belly up once they get rich this information was disclosed to me by a very close source of Barrett. The new location of business is at an unmarked building in Richardson, TX. Located at: S. Sherman St. Richardson, TX.

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Omaha Singles offers dating services to Omaha s and Omaha Singles. Name - Jason Breakey - [ protected].

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Stlouis Singles. Find Stlouis Singles at www. Find Tulsa Singles at www. The membership cost began at They never checked any backrounds like promised and would catagorize people by how they looked how much they were worth. The complaints that members had were dealt with my the corporate office and the members were usually getting promises that were never fulfilled.

Barrett is a sleezy man with no morals. When i got hired i was promised a lot of things and told that i was going to be the person running Ted law dating service office and any decisions were to be made by me and i would recieve raises.

Well when i came my first day to the office, i had no desk, no computer and was sitting on a rocking chair in a corner office and had to nearly break my neck to run and answer the phone on the second ring which was located on the complete other side of the 'office' i took it upon myself to go out and buy things that were needed for the office and never recieved money back and when i asked for it the only answer i got was 'it's coming but we can't pay you back for things you didn't get authorized' i think that toilet paper and tissues and pens and any other essentials for an office should certainly be authorized.

I met Jason once during the time i worked there. He was high the entire time and tried to convince me and the other girls to go to his hotel room with him which i found very innappropriate. Barrett told me once that i needed to dress like dollars and wear sexy dresses. This whole company has no values for which anyone should want to be associated with. The one thing i truely regret about ever working for this company was the fact that i can no longer help the members that i grew so fond of and wanted to truely help. I was fired with no severence pay or warning i came to work one day and some women i didn't know said to me 'give me your key, you Ted law dating service longer work here'.

The one thing i don't agree with the post is that the people in the telemarketing part of the company are good people, we grew very close over the phone and they too have all been fired and left hanging to dry. Barrett and Jason tried to manage peoples personal lives and base their employment on what they did during their personal off work hours.

I wouldn't say that this company is a scam because many people have been helped and are meeting people but there is no trained match making staff, parties rarely happen, and the owners are a bunch of sleezy liars. Opened since September, Raleigh Singles has already made an impact on the community at large. We push people out there a little bit to get the ball rolling for them.

The office is located Wake Forest Road, Suite The satellite office recently held its first social event for its membership that was a huge success. What matters to us is you are a special and deserving person — so deserving that you can dare to dream that real companionship and love is not only attainable, but a reality we are determined to help you attain. For more information, visit the website at www.

Omahasingles, Premeire Singles, ultimate connection or whatever name they are going by this week IS a scam. They claim to make matches for you, calling you once a week with prospective matches. To top it all off, there a total of 6 women in my age range. I tried to cancel and Ted law dating service no response. I changed my credit card and now they are trying to get the money they scammed out of me. Good luck rip off artists, you arent getting another dime! These creeps have been sued by many clients and many former employees they ripped off or treated illegally in some manner.

Somehow, I don't think that was caused by a competitor trying to wreck their business. Nice try though. Stay Ted law dating service away Ted law dating service this scam dating service and these scummy people. Yeah how about honoring your customer's requests to cancel? Your customer service reps could really use some training with regard to handling customer calls and not being such jerks when someone asks to cancel. Sincerely, Barrett Stone Jason Breakey or Barrett Stone can be reached at [ protected] for any questions related to this article or any others.

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Ted law dating service

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