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Tantra is the conscious choice to love deeply, to prepare your heart to Tantric yoga houston up with love, for yourself, for your partner, and for all of life! Through conscious breathing, and by slowing down and listening to the body, we begin to find our inner knowing. We develop the mindfulness needed to transform our lives. When we bring mindfulness into the bedroom, we bring a refined awareness to our sexual experience, becoming finely attuned to the wonders of our bodies.

By remaining in the moment, without judgment, sex becomes more pleasurable, potent, and loving. Tantra is stepping into sacred relationship with yourself, each other and the Divine. I have gained a deeper acceptance for myself in my yoni and in my heart. Through tantra, we can learn to feel truly held, and by extension, develop the capacity to truly hold another. At whatever place you begin this journey you are welcome.

Tantric yoga houston matters is your true desire to take the leap into the unknown.

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She has been a practitioner of tantra for over 18 years. She offers sessions in the Art of Conscious Loving for individuals, couples and groups.

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Lindy James Together you will create a safe and sacred space to start every session. Based on your needs and desires as a couple or an individual, Lindy will teach techniques to give you a foundation to connect more deeply with yourself and your beloved, and fan the spark of intimacy in your love life.

Every session is different. There is no set way to proceed. In the beginning, sessions may be simple and slow. Some people start with baby Tantric yoga houston and some with big leaps.

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What is consistent is we always proceed with an inner listening to body wisdom guidance. A Sacred Tantric Healing session is an experience of being awakened to your own divine nature and immersed in a state of vital, loving, erotic energy. This is a healing for your spirit as well as your body. Your Tantric journey is best supported over a Tantric yoga houston of several sessions. It requires a commitment from each participant to practice between sessions, a willingness to surrender to the practice, and to changing the old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you.

Are you ready to give yourself the gift of integrating tantra and allowing transformation in your life? Private Sessions Lindy offers private sessions for individuals or couples, custom-deed for your personal needs. You may come to me or I can travel to your home. A private session has a 2-hour minimum. Tantric yoga houston available for 3 or more sessions. Private Weekends After an initial interview, Lindy will de a weekend of tantric immersion to fit your needs.

Combining informational learning with hands-on experience, we will devote a weekend to sharing sacred intimate connection. Cost varies, contact Lindy. Tantra Pujas These are group events fully clothed for those who want to practice Tantra. After a brief intro and guided meditation we move into a variety of exercises. Lindy often will have a plan in mind and then adjust to what the group presents.

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There will be time to ask questions and get support with Tantric yoga houston that arise. Lindy is skilled at creating a safe and sacred container for everyone to explore the deeper questions on our minds but often not on our lips.

This is our time together to talk on subjects most often kept secret or hidden. She calls it speaking the unspeakables. This is a great chance to create community and meet new like minded people. Come and us as we explore with laughter, playfulness, and sometimes tears, the subjects that we most often need to talk about and usually keep secret: Sex Love and Intimacy! These events occur each month at my Tantric yoga houston home in Aptos. What do you want to know? Lindy will bring her toolbox of playful, loving, and sacred wisdom to serve as needed.

Beforehand, we talk about what you would like to learn, and we custom de a class. You invite your friends, other couples or singles that are willing to practice together. This can be an evening intro or a whole weekend of learning.

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Weekend Retreats Lindy offers weekend retreats throughout the year for women and couples. See calendar. Contact Lindy : lindy lindyjames. In my weekend retreat with Lindy I felt very much held. She has a way of holding sacred space as a safe container that allowed me to move into a deeper and more full expression of myself.

The safety that she established helped me to feel that my process was totally accepted and invited. She is clear and clean in her guidance with no hidden agendas. The love she puts into her work reflects the quality of her presence beautifully. Lindy is a powerful woman, an inspirational leader and an intuitive guide. She creates a space of absolute love and permission to explore, to find your yes and your no, to listen to your heart, be present in your body and true to yourself.

She has a way of knowing where the group, and the individuals in the group, are in our experience, and just what to say or Tantric yoga houston at just the right moment to give rise to insight and expansion. I love her events and try not to miss any of them! She provides gentle instruction as we engage in numerous exercises.

It is a safe, pressure free experience that has allowed me to practice staying in-tune to myself as I communicate and interact. I have experienced only positive growth while working with Lindy and I recommend it for everyone! Meet Lindy James—Sacred Intimate Tantra is the conscious choice to love deeply, to prepare your heart to show up with love, for yourself, for your partner, and for all of life!

What to Expect Lindy James Together you will create a safe and sacred space to start every session. Working Tantric yoga houston Lindy Your Tantric journey is best supported over Tantric yoga houston course of several sessions. Here are just a few of the topics we have discussed in the past: What are your questions around Sex Love and Intimacy? What is love and when is it personal? How much of the love we feel is projection or hormones?

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How can we keep relationships alive and Juicy? You will be taken on a tour into the Mystery of yourself!

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Tantric yoga houston

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