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The most important thing in tantric relations is learning to receive pleasure without searching for pleasure. In our western society, very often our haste and our traditional sexual prejudices lead us to deal with pleasure with the view that our orgasm is the most important element. Tantra massage valencia all, it is men who forget to relax and receive pleasure with no other objective and whose attitude is too active and competitive.

Massage is not an invitation to sex or other forms of love play. The role of the person who gives and the person who receives is clearly defined. Tantra or tantric massage is an ancient oriental massage technique which helps to awaken, store or liberate the energy that is within the body, so that you feel more alive, passionate and in harmony with yourself. Through the techniques of tantric massage we Tantra massage valencia to liberate the channels through which the current of energy flows through your body, helping you to obtain the maximum sensual and sexual pleasure, making your capacity to obtain pleasure unsurpassable.

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This experience can be enjoyed in private or as a couple. Let us help you to achieve new levels of energy and spiritual pleasure. The Masseuse covers the client's entire body with her hands, including the genital area.

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This is always done without haste; your masseuse will reduce, halt or change what she is doing moments before ejaculation becomes inevitable. This process of stimulating and reducing excitement will help you not to have any need to ejaculate. Although many people enjoy finishing the massage with an orgasm. This is totally accepted: ejaculation gives a considerable spark of pleasure. Many clients enjoy this massage without ejaculating.

They use it to heighten their own sexual life and that of their partner. This process will increase your sensitivity to your own body, which Tantra massage valencia make you more conscious and sensitive to the body of your partner. It is important that the client should understand that the masseuses do not give any services other than those that have been mentioned.

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Please do not ask or insist on it or we shall have to invite you to suspend the session. No, but this is simply because they give according to what they receive from each client as each person is different; both the client and the masseuse. A tantric masseuse's main talent is to make her client achieve the greatest possible state of wellbeing. Our masseuses are capable of transmitting tenderness and many other sensations to persons that they have just met. And there are very few people capable of doing so in such a natural way.

Therefore, without the help, respect and willingness of each client and due to the special degree of intimacy that they achieve, it is not possible for them to give themselves to the same degree. The more you give, the more you will receive. That is the maxim. It is the client, Tantra massage valencia his respect and his manner who allows the masseuse to give everything that she can and by vocation wants to give.

But the vast majority of clients have the clear sensation at the end of their session that it has been one of the best experiences in their lives. However, there are a small of people who are disappointed, for which the most usual reasons are the following: Lack of respect for the masseuse, attempting to touch her all the time.

Such a client does not relax and does not wish to learn to receive and Tantra massage valencia the masseuse becomes tense and it is impossible for her to give herself entirely. Pressure on the masseuse, offering her more money in exchange for sexual services that have not been offered. Clients with sexual problems or problems in their relationships with women, who try to make the masseuse responsible. All the photos on the web site have been taken recently on the premises of the Samadhi Massage Centre and the models that appear there are the real masseuses.

Although a few respectful caresses are accepted, it is not advisable for the client to become actively involved in the session since as a result the essence of this kind of massage is lost. If a client wants to take an active part in the massage Tantra massage valencia is almost impossible to achieve the extreme relaxation that is necessary to attain the desired effects of tantric massage. What is more, this distracts the masseuse, who will then find it difficult to carry out her work in an effective manner. By letting go, the client will discover the pleasure of submission and will reach states of wellbeing that he has rarely experienced before.

For this reason, it is better to let yourself be guided by the masseuse at all times and not to try to lead the session. At certain moments of the massage, she will take your hands so Tantra massage valencia you can touch her while remaining completely relaxed.

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All masseuses are not always available at the centre at one and the same time. You may choose from the masseuses who are free at any moment. If you wish to be attended by a particular masseuse, you only need to make your appointment one day in advance. We will be delighted to look after you as you wish. Para Cada centro de Masajes en particular: Cada uno de los Centro Samadhi es Gestionado individualmente por empresa localizada en la direccion del Centro. En consecuencia, el usuario debe leer atentamente el presente Aviso Legal:.

Si usted tiene cualquier duda sobre la confidencialidad o el tratamiento que reciben sus datos puede ponerse en contacto con nosotros: tojolme yahoo. Cada centro Samadhi dispone de un formulario de contacto dentro de la web. Los Usuarios garantizan y responden, en cualquier caso, de la veracidad, exactitud, vigencia y autenticidad de los Datos Personales facilitados.

Su finalidad principal es reconocer al usuario cada vez que accede a www. Uso de Cookies por parte de www. Mediante el acceso a www. El sitio utiliza el servicio Google Analytics, que es prestado por Google, Inc. Google Analytics utiliza cookies para ayudarnos a analizar el uso que hacen los usuarios del sitio. Sin embargo, si lo haces, puede ser que no puedas usar la plena funcionabilidad de este sitio. Samadhi massages is an exclusive erotic massage centre in Valencia which is inspired by the massage tradition of oriental cultures. Up till now, it has not been possible to find a place like this among the different sensitive and sexy massage options.

For this reason, and aiming to offer different, quality services, we have created a place where our customers can find all those things that Tantra massage valencia used to be available: a more personal and intimate atmosphere than you can find in any spa. Our massages are the definitive blend of the best Indonesian and Indian techniques with our western way of understanding physical and emotional pleasure, with greater bodily contact. Our facilities, just like our proposals in general, have been carefully deed down to the tiniest detail with a single objective: that you should enjoy yourself, relax, so that you can forget the world for a Tantra massage valencia moments.

When selecting our masseuses, what we principally take into is their exquisite treatment and elegant behaviour with the clients, their training in massage and their splendid presence. Rest in the bathtub with interaction from your masseuse:. Our special Massage Menu, on which we offer everything from traditional massage to delicate oriental massages tantric, non-traditional Thai, body to body, and many more. Nuru Gel is made with natural products, mainly seaweed. It is colourless, odourless and Tantra massage valencia water-based, so it does not stain.

It is extremely slippery and produces indescribable sensations when it comes into contact with the body. Opening hours: 10am - 20pm Please if you call and we can not answer, try again in a Tantra massage valencia minutes. Thank you. Does Tantra not simply mean sex? What is Tantric Massage? Does one achieve orgasm during the tantric massage session? Do the Masseuses give the same dedication to all clients?

Do clients ever leave a tantric massage session disappointed? Are the Photos on the Web Site Real? Am I allowed to touch the masseuse during the massage session? We invite you to discover our massages. Can i choose my masseuse? Close FAQ. En consecuencia, el usuario debe leer atentamente el presente Aviso Legal: 1. Toggle. Samadhi Valencia. Samadhi Massages in Valencia. MASSAGES Our massages are the definitive blend of the best Indonesian and Indian techniques with our western way of understanding physical and emotional pleasure, with greater bodily contact.

MASSEUSES When selecting our masseuses, what we principally take into is their exquisite treatment and elegant behaviour with the clients, their training in massage and their Tantra massage valencia presence.

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Tantric Sensitive 60 min Camilla. Nontraditional Thai Massage Body to Body 50 min. Shadana Massage. Lingan Massage For Men. Couples Massage. Rest in the bathtub with aromatic salts: 15 min. Go to Massages. Go to Samadhi Valencia Installations. Aitana Masseuse. Claudia Masseuse. Go to Masseuses.

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We wish you a great day. Thank you! Opening Hours: am a pm.

Tantra massage valencia

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