Super balanced action selmer

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The Selmer Super Balanced Action is considered by many to be the de that set the tone for the modern saxophone. This was the first Selmer saxophone to feature offset tone holes in the upper and lower stacks.

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On models, the tone holes were all in line along the front of the sax. On the SBA, those in the bottom stack are now offset slightly to the right, making for a much more comfortable feel.

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Players loved it, and pretty much all modern horns are based on this idea now. Special order options available from Selmer for the first time included high F and low A on the bari sax.

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The only notable change to the SBA over its lifespan is found on the tenor, which had several changes to its bottom bow and bell lengths, all within a couple years. You can always spot the differences though if you know what to look for.

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Basically there are two versions of the bottom bow, and two versions of the bell. The short bows had no ificant gap between the low C tone hole and the bow-to-bell t, whereas there is a noticeable gap there on the long bow horns. On short bell models, the lower foot of the low B keyguard was soldered straight on to that bow-to-bell t, and on long bell models, the guard foot is soldered on to the bell itself, above the bow-to-bell t.

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The last of these I've seen was Why all the changes? Well, there are definitely intonation issues in the bottom register of the early SBA tenors, where notes below low C tend to go sharp.

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Some in that late xx range tune well, as do the ones after xx, both of those des having the short bow and long bell. The other notable change is the keyguards themselves.

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Tenors had separate key guards for low B and Bb until around xx, afterwards they shared one keyguard, like the Mark VI and other modern horns. This was Silver Plate Soprano SN: Super Balanced Action SN: Serial s: Beginning Year Beginning

Super balanced action selmer

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