Stories of disappointment

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As he got up, he looked in the mirror revealing his 5ft 6, 60kg body and short brown hair and eyes. Completely average. He pulled on his school Stories of disappointment, a white shirt, black trousers and a black jumper and then walked downstairs. Happy 16th birthday!? Robert's mother cried. Robert remarked in his monotonous, depressing voice. I'm just another year closer to death and still none the wiser as to how to end this wretched boredom I find myself Stories of disappointment Come on Robert, not this again; you need to find a hobby, that'll end your boredom.?

It's not as easy as that? He declared as he pulled a bowl out from a cupboard? I just find everything Robert, are you depressed because if that's the case I can take you to see a doctor or a psychiatrist. Robert was fond of the library, in the library he could read and therefore escape into a world that was more exciting than real life.

A place that wasn't so As he walked toward the library he noticed a trench coat and beanie hat sporting individual with long, knotted hair and dirty, black boots across the road from him staring at Robert but he just assumed the man had mistaken him for another person as he walked off after getting a good look at Robert. Three hours later, Robert trudged his way home. Robert thought something was different at the library today, it was unusually While walking home a thought crossed Robert's mind.

Who was the man in the trench coat? Why was he staring at me? He was Stories of disappointment far too long to just be wondering who I was? Then Robert leapt to his feet and kicked the psychopath over and over again. After about a minute Robert stopped and stared at the knife. As Robert grabbed the knife the psychopath plead?

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You deserve it? You aren't worthy of being my father, you beat Mother over and over again, you fiend!? No, this is Karma!? Robert shouted as the lunged toward his father with the knife. As he plunged the knife into his father he felt something. Not disappointment. After he pulled the knife out, his father went limp as blood spilled out of him forming a pool of dark blood. Must of hit his heart? Robert thought to himself as Stories of disappointment began to walk home.

As Robert walked off in a euphoric daze He'd forgotten about the blood he was losing from his fractured skull due to a blow to the head. Robert collapsed as he was weaving in and out and of consciousness he couldn't help but feel Get Full Access Now or Learn more. See related essays. No luck. With a sigh, I turned back to my seat and my studies, a frustrated Stories of disappointment.

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I didn't see the girl again for several weeks. Corbett groaned. His mum was going to slaughter him! Corbett squeezed off two more shots and dived to the floor. Corbett peered over the window ledge and was pleased to see another kidnapper dead on the floor.

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Wondering where the other shot had gone Stories of disappointment scanned his mum's garden. I slept wonderful with my head lying on the saddle of my horse and listening to the rain. The night before I was wondering why there was such a strong horse smell. As he rips off what's left the innocent's shirt and stands back to admire a teenage female form. Or you're all dead! Check this out guys.

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Save View my saved documents Submit similar document. Share this Facebook. English Language - story of disappointment. Extracts from this document Middle Robert was fond of the library, in the library he Stories of disappointment read and therefore escape into a world that was more exciting than real life. Conclusion Then Robert leapt to his Stories of disappointment and kicked the psychopath over and over again. The above preview is unformatted text. Found what you're looking for? Not the one? Search for your essay title Detective Story Corbett groaned.

A brief story about traveling in China. A story with no real end or The man with no identity As he rips off what's left the innocent's shirt and stands back to admire a teenage female form. Overpieces of student written work Annotated by experienced teachers Ideas and feedback to improve your own work. Save up now Want to read the rest? Looking for expert help with your English work? Take me to free Study Guides.

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Stories of disappointment

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