Speed dating in india

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Do I want to do this, I wonder. What plans could you possibly have? So three weeks from then, I was on a Zoom call, attending a global social mixer, organised by senior cyber security and data privacy consultant Tushar Bansal and tech consultant Prateek Thawani, flatmates and friends in London. They created a Facebook event, and asked their friends to invite who they want to my friend knew Bansal. Speed dating in india was their second event.

We also included couples and committed people who are just there for fun, and kept separate activities for them. The edition ended with a new couple in Delhi, keen on meeting after the lockdown, and my second, third degree connections hanging out till the end of the call, which went on for eight hours. Bansal explains that the idea initiated with the thought that everything that we loved in the city, is going to open up only later in the year.

At a time when doing anything virtually is becoming easier, we wanted to play cupid. During the second edition that I was a part of, nearly 40 of us were arbitrarily put into breakout rooms of five, for five minutes.

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In this room, we could pick one person we wanted to talk to further, and let the host know. Lots of small talk about Delhi-Mumbai, work, coronavirus, followed. However, there were others I happened to speak to, who stayed on, and did make some connections. Neha, a public relations professional from Gurugram, happened to actually meet someone she clicked with, and they have been communicating since.

I believe in meeting people the natural way.

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Neha also feels that going on a video speed date takes off the pressure, and lets you be more authentic, than on text. Payal, a journalist from Mumbai, attended both the editions, and thoroughly enjoyed both.

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Classic speed dating events are more of a thing in the West. In India, they happen, but for the larger part of it, are not that heard of. LifeOfLine is one such speed dating event organiser that organised such events. Dating apps are definitely more in, than speed dating events. Dating apps also have video features now, thanks to the lockdown. They are planning to roll city-based dating events soon, too. Despite starting recently, the user database has seen a 25 fold increase since the pandemic, with Speed dating in india per cent of users from India. In fact, after a user participates in one event, 75 per cent continue to attend events.

Payal believes dating has become a digitally driven process anyway, especially Speed dating in india the advent of dating apps. Schleien finds video first as a missing ingredient to traditional dating apps. Bansal feels it gives you an edge to filter your dates before meeting them.

And people who like faceto-face conversations, might still want to meet. It seems the intrigue to see this digital prospect influence dating is quite real. Speed dating requires you to be mindful of the time constraint. I think it will pick up. Username or Address. Remember Me. Latest Popular. Current EditionPop Culture. Samreen Tungekar 7 min read. More from Pop Culture View all. Pop Culture. Register. Registration is closed.

Speed dating in india

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Start-up brings speed dating to India