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If you believe the statistics, women over 60 are now acting like year-olds. Above all, they are choosing to be single in s never seen before. What the hell is happening? It may be the empty nest, the beckoning role as nursemaid or the prospect of retirement that is the trigger for married overs to run in the opposite direction.

The of people aged between 45 and 64 who live alone has risen by 23 per cent over the last decade, the majority of them women. This generation took advantage of the Pill, abortion legislation and the Equal Pay Act, so have been Single sexy woman to feel that life has infinitely more possibilities than for their mothers and grandmothers.

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Was all this going to stop when they were handed a free bus pass? Not likely. They are a very different, far more sassy breed of something — who may have shone in the workplace, lived through punk, were educated for free and travelled the world cheaply.

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Above all, they are increasingly opting to go it alone. And part of the reason older women are no longer so wary of being single, Jane believes, is that is there is more acceptance of the ageing process.

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Artist Joyce Gunn Cairns67, is typical of this new breed of single something. I have nobody moaning at my elbow, nobody who has expectations of me, or is possessive, or dictates how I should spend my time. And what about the idea that being alone in older age could involve spells of loneliness? A relationship would take Single sexy woman too much emotional energy. In her case, that energy is channelled into her work as an artist.

Joyce agrees with every woman I interviewed for this feature that good health and a sufficient income can make or break the experience of being an singleton over I Single sexy woman very, very fortunate. What more could you ask for? I have quite a few single friends, some who never married. Like all the overs I spoke to — a uniformly sparky lot — she has many interests, from the gym to history clubs. But one learns to deal with it.

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Single sexy woman Knight is a north London psychotherapist who specialises in relationships and who, as part of her work, often helps couples separate, divorce or renegotiate their relationship. In her experience, she says, these changes are far more often instigated by women than men.

And they take those choices. I have always been single by choice and have never chosen to live with someone. There used to be, she says, a certain degree of shame attached to her situation: women without a husband or children were considered a failure or at least dysfunctional. Last year she celebrated her 60th birthday with a large and rowdy group of close friends. I do have a boyfriend.

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We see each at weekends and we go on holiday together. We are there for each other when we are ill.

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This is not to minimise the difficulties — financial or emotional — of being alone. Gina Pressman Elardo, 60, is an ex-TV producer whose marriage of 17 years ended in divorce. She now lives in Paris where, she says, she is happy to be single but does sometimes miss the companionship. She does, however, have an active sex life — with a man who is 15 years younger. But we are in a world that is in transition, where Single sexy woman are speeding up. And you think, how many really good years do I have left?

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Single sexy woman

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