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From left, Myron Hodges Jr. Going to parks is a big part of her family life, partially because they can have fun for free. Photographer Yehyun Kim and reporters with the CT Mirror tracked the lives of the three women profiled in these stories over the last nine months, interviewing and photographing them as they experienced lockdown with their children and as the state began to open up last month. Working mothers in Connecticut and across the nation have been disproportionately impacted from the pandemic, experiencing everything from job loss to increased household and child care burdens.

But these impacts are being felt most sharply by single mothers, who have endured through COVID without the support of a second parent. It found that But in many ways, the pandemic pressures that have harmed all women have hit single moms even harder. The PCSW study found that single moms reported a higher incidence of housing insecurity and impaired ability to buy food during COVID compared with the total population of Single moms where are you 0 surveyed — And then you add this whole component of being isolated, and not having the community that you normally rely on. There are barriers to accessing child care, and struggles the child care industry itself is facing, that compound to impair women.

Yehyun Kim :: ctmirror. Moneisha Bryan runs with her youngest son, Myron Hodges Jr. Still, there are many who remain left out. Among the ineligible are those in the state who fall between the poverty line and the ALICE threshold — more than a quarter of households led by single moms. Rosa DeLauro, D-CT, has championed these policies for decades and wants to make them permanent, a step that has been framed as a vital step toward a policy framework that would better support working women.

Single moms already have a big burden on them. Reduced demand due to COVID has put the entire industry in jeopardy — in Connecticut, child care centers receive state funding based on the of students enrolled. According to Gay, more than daycare centers and more than d family child care providers have closed during the pandemic. In Augustthe Census Bureau found that Corie Tracey, single mom of two daughters, Anya Thompson, 7, and Juliet Thompson, 5, helps Juliet brush her teeth before going to bed in September.

Mae Flexer, D-Killingly, said. Connecticut needs to partner with the federal government to finally get a handle on this problem. They closed their Manchester site Single moms where are you 0 the end of October. She expects the upcoming grant money to help immensely with basic operating costs such as staffing, purchasing supplies like bleach and hand sanitizers, and supporting administrative efforts to apply for more grants.

They have more free time together because Bryan reduced her work schedule to take care of them. Every grant helps. Even single moms who still have jobs, and can do those jobs from home, are worse off than their partnered or childfree counterparts. A fall study Single moms where are you 0 that the pandemic has outsized impacts on mothers working remotely.

They spend more time doing housework than their spouses, work more often with children present, and more frequently report feelings of anxiety, loneliness and depression. A May report from Boston Consulting Group found that since quarantine began, parents spend an average of 27 more hours a week on domestic labor like chores and child care, with women performing 15 more hours per week than their spouses.

The PCSW study reported that The PCSW study also reported that Corie Tracey works while Juliet eats lunch on July 29, Tracey has been working from home since last March. This can be especially difficult for single moms, who suffer a greater lack of support, she said. There are no playdates, et cetera. These conditions are made worse by lack of supportive labor policy and flexible work arrangements.

Inthe state passed a paid family and medical leave bill that will guarantee all workers up to 12 weeks of paid time off to care for an ill relative or a new child, or if they themselves are sick. This takes effect in January In the meantime, a federal law passed in March gave only a patchwork framework for paid time off, leaving it to be decided on an employer-by-employer basis and failing to guarantee it for all workers.

For example, the law excludes companies with more than employees, and small companies can apply for an exemption. But still, there is no universal guarantee for all workers. A lot of the issues that are common to all women are more acute with the most vulnerable women.

Single working mothers are by definition alone with dependents, have only one income in the household, and only one parent, and often have more difficult childcare arrangements. In the meantime, fair labor laws would also have been helpful for women during this time. These Single moms where are you 0 are felt most sharply by women, who not only make up a disproportionate share of the service sector, including food service and hospitality, but also shoulder more responsibilities at home.

Comprehensive fair work week laws have been implemented in Oregon state-wide, as well as in five cities, including New York City and Seattle. attempts to implement similar laws in Connecticut have failed.

She said she hopes the data will also be helpful for driving long-term efforts to support the equitable implementation of paid family medical leave and eliminate the gender pay gap. The Connecticut Mirror is a nonprofit newsroom. If you value our reporting please consider making a donation. You'll enjoy reading CT Mirror even more knowing you helped make it happen. You must be logged in to post a comment. Show your love for great stories and out standing journalism Monthly Yearly.

Life has never been easy for single moms. The pandemic made it harder. Free to Read. Not Free to Produce. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

Single moms where are you 0

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