Side effects of illicit drugs

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Many illicit drugs are highly addictive and pose serious risks. Using these drugs usually begins as an experiment or because of curiosity. Other times, it may start from using prescription pain medication prescribed to treat an illness or injury. Over time, a user may become hooked on the mental or physical effects of the drug. This le to the user needing more of the substance to get the same effects.

Without help, a person with an illicit drug addiction will often put their health and safety in danger. According to the American Society of Addiction Medicine ASAMaddiction is a chronic disease that causes people to seek reward or relief through substances or other behaviors.

The effects of illicit drugs depend on the type of drug. Drugs are grouped into based on their effects:. Stimulants include cocaine or methamphetamines. They cause hyperactivity and increase heart rate and brain activity. Opioids are painkillers that also affect chemicals in the brain that regulate mood.

They can also depress or slow down the central nervous system and affect breathing. Marijuana, psilocybin mushrooms, and LSD are all considered hallucinogens. But people may Side effects of illicit drugs addicted to prescription medications of all kinds.

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Some people addicted to illicit drugs might mix several different substances together. They may also alternate between taking different drugs. But no matter how the drugs are taken, there are certain behaviors that may indicate an addiction:.

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Drugs like heroin make you drowsy, so abusers will seem like they are extremely tired. Treatment for illicit drug addiction could involve inpatient or outpatient treatment and then maintenance treatment. Often it can be difficult for someone addicted to drugs to stop using them and stay Side effects of illicit drugs without professional help.

The withdrawal process can be dangerous and damaging to the health of the user. A combination of the following treatment options may be necessary:. An inpatient program is often the best start for a person with an addiction to illicit drugs. In the beginning, the person may have several negative physical symptoms as their body adjusts to not having the drug. After the physical withdrawal, they can focus on staying clean in a safe environment.

The length of inpatient programs can vary. It depends on the facility, situation, and insurance coverage. In an outpatient program people attend classes and counseling at a facility. But they continue to live at home and attend daily activities like work. These programs are centered on principles known as the 12 steps. A person is confronted by their addiction and will learn to develop new coping behaviors. These programs also Side effects of illicit drugs as support groups by involving other people with addictions.

A person with addiction may benefit from individual therapy. Drug addiction often involves emotional issues that need to be dealt with in order to change self-destructive patterns. Also, a therapist can help someone with a drug addiction cope with the emotions involved in recovery. A person with addiction may have to deal with depression, guilt, and shame. In some cases, medication is necessary to help overcome cravings or urges. Methadone is a drug that can be used to help heroin addicts beat addiction.

Also, buprenorphine-naloxone is available to help people with opiate addictions manage cravings. Sometimes people self-medicate. They turn to drugs to deal with mental health issues. In this case, antidepressants can help the recovery process.

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Illicit drugs can often alter brain chemicals. This could complicate or uncover preexisting mental health conditions. Once the regular substance abuse has stopped, these mental health conditions can often be managed with the right medication. Programs like Al-Anon can help the families and friends of someone with an addiction find support. Illicit drug addiction can be treated. But it can be a difficult process, physically and emotionally.

In recent years, marijuana has been legalized and touted for its medicinal purposes.

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But how do you know when use becomes abuse? If you or a loved one use opioids for pain management…. In the last 18 months telemedicine has been used for much more than simple check-ins with the primary care physician, it's now being used to help with…. An expert breaks down the many factors that contributed to the current overdose crisis and what it will take to break the trend. Harm reduction is more than a "common sense" approach. It's a movement deed to protect the health, safety, and agency of people who use drugs. Caffeine is found in many migraine drugs, but too much caffeine can also be Side effects of illicit drugs trigger.

How is this possible? The more caffeine you drink, generally the worse the withdrawal experience is. Plus, habitual consumption of even just one small cup of coffee per day….

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College offers a chance to try new things. But this freedom can also leave you in sticky situations when it comes to drugs and partying. These tips…. Here's a closer look at what cocaine does to the eyes, along with why you shouldn't judge someone based on their eyes.

Health Conditions Discover Plan Connect. Illicit Drug Addiction. Medically reviewed by Timothy J. Legg, Ph. Types of drugs Side effects of illicit drugs Treatment Resources Outlook Overview Illicit drugs are those that are illegal to make, sell, or use. They include: cocaine amphetamines heroin hallucinogens Many illicit drugs are highly addictive and pose serious risks. Types of drugs. Recognizing the s of drug addiction. Treatment options. Expectations and long-term outlook.

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Side effects of illicit drugs

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Illegal Drugs Addiction