Should i tell her husband she cheated on him

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Common knowledge has it that the more honest you are with your partner, the better your relationship will be. If you believe this, it might follow that you should tell your partner if you've cheated. But some experts say this isn't necessarily the case.

Some things are better kept to ourselves, and in certain situations, this might be one of them. A Relationship Epiphanyagrees. Make amends going forward by being the absolute best mate or spouse you possibly can be.

This doesn't mean you should always keep your infidelity hidden either, though. Here's what experts have to say about when you should and shouldn't tell. In that case, telling your partner won't accomplish anything other than potentially helping you feel less guilty. But you'll probably just feel worse, because once you've told them, you've gone from doing something that doesn't even affect them unless STIs are involved to directly hurting them.

Should i tell her husband she cheated on him worth noting, though, that there are some people who want to know even in this case. Andy, 29, tells Bustle he's glad his ex told him that she cheated, because it helped him end a relationship that wasn't working anyway and led him to get over her faster. Duley would say the same thing if you're having an affair or have had multiple hookups but you plan to stop, as long as you truly want to stay with your partner. There is no value to the relationship in sharing events that will no longer be happening," she says.

It's very selfish, I feel, to burden your partner with this information, especially if you have no intention of continuing this behavior. It's your burden so it's up to you to work on it. The next step, then, is to find another way to fulfill the needs you were trying to fulfill by cheating, whether that's by working on your relationship or doing some personal work on yourself.

If your partner has asked you if you've cheated, they've already solved this dilemma for you: They want to know. So, you're not doing them a disservice by telling them. In fact, telling them that they're imagining it could be considered a form of gaslighting. Otherwise, they're going to be constantly wondering what they did wrong or what they could do to fix the relationship. If what you really want is to be exploring romantic and sexual connections with a bunch of people, stop trying to force yourself to be monogamous.

Either pursue an open relationship, whether with your current partner or someone else, or spend some time single so you don't have to worry about commitment at all. When it comes to whether they'd want to know about a partner's infidelity, people's preferences vary. So, when you and your partner become exclusive and talk about what cheating means to each of you, you can also discuss what you'd each want the other person to do if you Should i tell her husband she cheated on him.

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If he cheats on me, comes home and tells me, it would be painful, but we could rebuild," she tells Bustle. He would rather NOT know. He's very adamant about that.

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He doesn't even really want to know about people I dated while we were apart, because he just doesn't want to think about it. Asking "What should I do if I cheat on you? We'd all like to think we and our partners couldn't cheat, but around one in five Americans have cheated and that's just those who admit itand they're not all bad people. More of us are capable of infidelity than we like to admit, and the only way to be prepared for these situations is to admit that.

By Suzannah Weiss.

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Should i tell her husband she cheated on him

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Breaking the Triangle: Should You Tell a Cheater’s Spouse?