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Original Caption: "These drivers of the th Quartermaster Truck Company, 82nd Airborne Division, who chalked up 20, miles each without an accident, since arriving in the European Theater of Operations.

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View in National Archives Catalog. World War II began over 80 years ago and as we continue to honor those Americans who undoubtedly and courageously contributed to the defense of our nation, we often overlook in our remembrances the valiant efforts of African Americans. Throughout the war years they repeatedly had to battle adversaries on two fronts: the enemy overseas and racism at home. African-Americans recognized the paradox of fighting a world war for the "four freedoms'' while being subjected to prejudicial practices in the United States.

Thus, as the war unfolded, they vehemently insisted on the privileges of full citizenship. African-Americans were ready to work and fight for their country, but at the same time they demanded an end to the discrimination against them. To that end, over 2. Despite these impediments, many African-American men and women met the challenge and persevered. They served with distinction, made valuable contributions to the war effort, and earned well-deserved praise and commendations for their struggles and sacrifices.

On the Sexy married black men, African-Americans also did their Sexy married black men to support the war. They worked in war industries and in government wartime agencies, sold war bonds, voluntarily conserved goods needed for the war, performed civil defense duties, encouraged troops by touring camps as entertainers, risked their lives on the front lines to report the war, and performed many other vital services.

The pictures are first grouped by the five military branches and then by subject headings entitled Merchant Marine, Women in the Military, Training, Rest and Relaxation, Personalities, and the Homefront. Whenever possible, original captions are used and appear in quotation marks; however, no attempt was made to verify completely the accuracy of all the information included in these captions. Obvious errors and misspellings were corrected, but no effort was made to standardize identification of military ranks, which were cited by photographers in various ways.

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Many of the captions were edited for length, and extraneous information and pejorative terms were eliminated. Conversely, information was sometimes added to help the reader understand a caption. Within an original caption, this additional material appears in brackets. When no caption was available, one was created. If the photographers, artists, locations, or dates of the photograph were known, they also are listed. The selected photographs are in the public domain.

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Barbara Lewis Burger researched, selected, and arranged the items for this list and wrote the introductory information in Additional updates to this introduction were made as recently as May Some of the terms used at the time may now be considered to be outdated, inaccurate, derogatory, disrespectful, or culturally insensitive.

NARA does not alter, edit, or modify original captions, as they are part of the historical record and reflect and Sexy married black men the standard language, attitudes, and biases at the time. Bragg, NC in color guard ceremony. Columbus, Georgia. Victor Tampone. James Shellman, Gilbert A. Terry, John W. Phoenix, Curtis A. Richardson, and Leslie B. Gordon A. Walter C. Jackson, Sgt. David D. Jones, and WO Carlyle M. September 22, This picture shows a couple of the men enjoying a hot meal for a change. Massacre Bay, Attu, Aleutian Islands. Original Caption: "A kitchen was set up along the beach for the Detachments of Negro troops were among the latest arrivals with the American forces in Northern Ireland.

August American Army Engineer task force in Liberia find themselves in a land from which their ancestors came. Wash day and Sexy married black men. Jack David scrubs out his things on top of a table made from native trees. July Fred Morgan.

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Edward Grefe. Army soldier and a Chinese soldier place the flag of their ally on the front of their jeep just before the first truck convoy in almost three years crossed the China border en route from Ledo, India, to Kunming, China, over the Stilwell road.

John Gutman. Another soldier sits disconsolately awaiting further orders of transportation. Carter, Jr. Gaines, and Private Willie Tellie. John C. Ford M. They are members of Co. E, 25th Combat Team, 93rd Division George S. Patton, U. Jonathan Hoag, Pozzuoli area, Italy.

Zacariah Gibbs. May Joseph T. Joseph Jackson John D. William A. Omaha Beachhead, near Vierville-sur-Mer, France. Carlton Chapman November 5, They have been following the advance of the infantry and are now setting up this new position.

Nelson T. Bennie Burns, Sgt. Vincent MacNeill, Sgt. Frank Mack, Pfc. John A. Barbee, and Sgt. Thomas G. July 13, Third Army, move a barrel of oil in preparation to refilling an M-2 smoke generator, which spews forth a heavy cloud of white smoke. These men are engaged in laying a smoke screen to cover bridge building activities across the Saar River near Wallerfangen, Germany. George Cofield Ninth Army Engineers. Weber and Pfc. Original Caption: "Pvts. Edward M. March This company is credited with liquidating several machine gun Sexy married black men November German prisoner wearing civilian clothes, sits in jeep at south gate of walled city of Lucca, Italy, awaiting removal to a rear area.

September Sexy married black men Askew Overshoes proved their worth and helped prevent trench foot during the rains. December Here a bazooka-man cuts loose at the target some yards distant. German forces in Italy have since capitulated unconditionally. In this newly liberated city the 92nd Division troops enter the Galleria Guiseppe [sic] Garibaldi.

Ezekia Smith, th Inf. Here, surgeon stitches the wound. Fifth Army, Pietrasanta Area, Italy. In the foreground, head bared, is 1st Lt. Andrew Lane.

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February Both the map and the briefing chart right indicate another objective in Germany will soon be on the receiving end of their bullets and bombs. The men are members of the 15th U. Dempsey W. Morgan, Jr. Car roll S. Woods; Lt. Robert H. Nelson, Jr. Andrew D. Turner; and Lt. Clarence P. Army Air Forces fighter squadron, credited with shooting down 8 of the 28 German planes destroyed in dog-fights over the new Allied beachhe south of Rome, on Jan.

Negro members of this squadron, veterans of the North African and Sicilian campaigns, were formerly classmates at a university in the southern U. Original Caption: "Pilots of a U. Army Air Forces fighter squadron. Like cavalrymen of old, they ride down the enemy in their flying steeds and have destroyed German installations and personnel throughout Europe. They are members of the 15th U.

Turner], who in a few minutes will be escorting heavy bombers Sexy married black men route to enemy targets, als to the chief of his ground crew before taking off from a base in Italy. He is a member of the 15th U.

Sexy married black men

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