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Searching for a Cardiff sex club, sex party, or bathhouse? XXXConnect has only the best! Read about the best clubs and venues to discover near you in this hot Sex clubs cardiff city. If you thought you knew Wales and its hidden sex club scene, then think again, as xxxconnect. We put this guide together with YOU in mind, so do not be too shocked if you find that there is a place on our list that really tickles your fancy. If you have Sex clubs cardiff a sex club or sex party in your city and felt it left you cold, then you are about to be in for a treat as xxxconnect.

Now, we are so sure that you will enjoy our guide that we have put off showing it to you right away. Instead, before you delve inside our guide to the sex club in Cardiff scene, why not read up on the nitty gritty of this fascinating party circuit that is unlike any other in Wales. We have a few treats in store for YOU, such a history of the scene, as well as the best times to hit up a hot Cardiff sex party, Cardiff sex club, or Cardiff bath houseso get ready to get educated! Cardiff has been populated at least since at least the last years, and while it is not possible to look that far back and see records of sex clubs, it can be assumed from religious texts of the time, that mass orgies were a facet of life back then.

Our first really clear records that show sex parties taking off in the Welsh valleys and seaside towns around Cardiff come to us from the writer Homocules, who wrote about the spa towns near the sea that started to cater to tourists looking for sex parties -- and Sex clubs cardiff evidently found them. An ancient temple, once thought to honour the Neolithic demi goddess Methusia, now appears to have been none other that a Pagan bath house that catered to lovers from all walks of life looking to hook up with others in pre roman Britain.

The first named sex club proper was The Garth, which would play host to sex parties almost 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, if the records are accurate. Breconshire, Monmouthshire and Glamorgan were served by this huge site, until it was sacked by the marauding English.

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This reign of English invaders did not last long, as the Romans were soon on the scene, building their own Sex clubs cardiff called temple to the gods of lust, Isca Augusta. Magnus Maximus took over the area once the Romans left, but he preserved their culture of public sex and group orgies, much to the delight of the locals, who did nothing to try and oust him from power.

The Normans likewise did little to alter the sex club scene in Cardiff, and it continued to thrive until well into the s, surviving land acts and the English Civil War. Since the River Taff kept Sex clubs cardiff new trade to the town, there was always Sex clubs cardiff steady supply of punters. By the s, Cardiff was a well established sex club town and well known as such through the UK, seeing crowds in the summer in the thousands. This continued to the s, with the ending of the Victorian era seeing a relaxation in public sex laws, and in the s Cardiff got its first de facto gay sex club when Glamorgan Baths opened nearby, catering primarily to gay men who wanted a place where they could relax in a spa environment and seek other men.

These days Cardiff is the most well known and sought after city in Wales for sex clubs. Cardiff is special in that most of its sex club action happens midweek, with sex parties and orgies taking place in secret locales from Tuesday to Thursday as a general rule. That does not mean that you are out of luck at other times of the week, though, and you can catch a dogging spot at most times, mostly at night, at various places around the city.

The gay saunas are open during the day, which means that you can catch a hot tub hang if you happen to have a day off or a schedule that means that you have to work at the weekend. Weekends themselves are a little quieter, though Sundays tend to be favoured by the swinging crowd. There is so much to see and do on the Cardiff sex club scene that we had to be really selective when it came to picking only the best places. With that in mind, we tried to create a group of places that represent most of the varied flavours of public sex hang, from gay saunas and gyms to strip clubs for the more timid of you.

If you want to go balls out crazy there is something for you here, too, so get ready for some hot fun. Bye to all you sex partygoers from the team at xxxconnect. Now that you are a fixture on the sex club circuit, why not pay some of that love forward and reward the guys and gals here at xxxconnect.

Even better, why not send this as a link to your pals, so that they can Sex clubs cardiff our UK city sex club review guides, too. And thanks again from all at XXXConnect! Had something else in mind? Something a bit more Welsh? If you really like sexy places in Cardiff, and you know that there must still be a few hanging around that we haven't listed or written about for your city, then you may be digging around on the net still looking for them, and searching looking high and low through the review boards for something deeply kinky and thoroughly dirty, like a sex club, sex party, or gay bathhouse that ticks all your deepest boxes somewhere around the Cardiff area then why not get a second opinion?

Yelp has a few extra sexy Cardiff sex venues over here. Not the city Sex clubs cardiff were looking for? Had another place in mind, say, Sheffield? We have been over the great interweb and through your fave city for the best Sheffield sex clubs, Sheffield sex party venues, and gay Sheffield bath houses in the city that Yorkshire likes to call one of its busiest, so if you are a Sheffield type person, or if you are just going there for pleasure, or are heading on up for a dull old business trip, we have a FREE Sheffield sex club and party guide for YOU!

Read about the best clubs and venues to discover near you. Toggle. Simply Pleasure. Eagle Fantasy Lounge. Playhouse Gentlemen's Club. Dogging in Cardiff. L Locker Room. For Your Eyes Only.

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Best Cardiff Sex Clubs. History Of The Sex Club Scene In Cardiff Cardiff has been populated at least since at least the last years, and while it is not possible to look that far back and see records of sex clubs, it can be assumed from religious texts of the time, that mass orgies were a facet of life back then. Simply Pleasure Type. Brief Description. Pretty bold to start off a sex club list with a sex shop, but if you go to this place then you will see pretty fast why we did. This place is so well connected, it makes British Telecom Sex clubs cardiff like a pair of yoghurt pots with string in between.

A good call if you are looking to pick up some sex ware items, but mostly the place is on our list because if you are looking to meet new folk on Sex clubs cardiff sex club scene then this is an excellent place to start. Get chatting to the staff, the folk in the shop, and check out their notice board.

Bring a pen -- or your phone, since this is the 21st Century. Eagle 50 Type.

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There ain't but 50 Eagles in Cardiff, so if you know what is good for you, you will get your bubble butt down to Sex clubs cardiff banging bathhouse post haste. One of the very best of the gay saunas in town, we cannot speak highly enough of the steamy atmosphere at this place.

Fantasy Lounge Type. Fantasy Lounge -- a name that conjures up images of sexy people draped luxuriously across various items of expensively upholstered furniture in attitudes of wanton excess. The very epitome of life in Cardiff. If you have a desire to escape the bleak finality of life in Wales, why not take some of your money for a party at Fantasy Lounge, where you will find others who are just as bent on forgetting where they live as you are.

A great way to end the week, or to start a new one. Playhouse Gentlemen's Club Type. Playhouse Gentlemen's Club is a rite of passage for men across Wales, as it has such a fine stable of girls they don't really keep them in a stableas well as the kind of carefully curated atmosphere that you would expect from a gents' club. For a refined club that has all you would want from a gentleman's night out, choose Playhouse Sex clubs cardiff Club for your next adventure.

It has a large floor plan, well sized stage, and private booths for you know what if you play your cards right and bring enough cheddar with you. Dogging in Cardiff Type. Dogging in Cardiff is a fun thing to do when you need to get down and dirty in the great outdoors. No cover charge, no drinks minimum, just you and some strangers in the open air or in the back seat of a car. If you have never tried it then it should be on your list for fun and sexy things to do in the city. What better way to make you feel like a true Welshman Sex clubs cardiff Welshwoman than to take part in some lively group sex in a park or secluded lane, bent over the bonnet of a car?

Lovely -- this gets a big thumbs up from all at the research desk. Sex clubs cardiff Kittens is one of the best party makers in the UK and they have gotten really good at what they do. If you have never been to a sex party, Killing Kittens do some of the very best, and if you are a fixture on the scene then you will no doubt benefit from their organizational skills. Try Killing Kittens and you will have a great time.

L Locker Room Type. A bit of a trek from Cardiff, this place is still worth going to if you can get there. A big hit on the gay sauna scene, L Locker Room is a firm fave with the LGBT folk in Wales and the nearby countryside, since it fills a niche that even some bigger cities struggle to satisfy. Hit up L Locker Room for a dirty, flirty, kinky time with other guys who just want to get wet and wild.

For Your Eyes Only Type. There Sex clubs cardiff no other place quite like For Your Eyes Only, and this is despite the fact that this city has so many great gay saunas on offer. If you want to feel like Bond and get yourself a Bond boy rather than a Bond girl, or if you are looking for a dominating older M character not the new Judi Dench iteration, but the gruff old daddy typethen check out For Your Eyes Only for a great time.

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