Sex after one month of dating

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Well the way he treats me haven't really changed. And ofcourse we Sex after one month of dating a protection,I'm not an idiot who can't control her self. I know Thousands of girls who have had sex before marrige,Not being a virgin is not a big deal. Glad to hear that it is not that strict. Do you plan on having sex again?

If you have questions about the two of you, you may want to wait. If you have sex again, I would continue to see how your relationship is after each time. Does it grow or get better? Or does it stay the same? Glad to read you had protection between the two of you. I'm not sure about having sex again.

First I wanna know him better,He's finally showing what he has inside and I wanna make sure I like it,but I also know that having sex with him makes the relationship better. You are thinking correctly about wanting to know him better.

I have a question, does sex make the relationship better for you, him or both of you? It should be mutual Sex after one month of dating my opinion. He treats me as well as he did before, But Shouldn't we be closer now? I think we should be closer but we're not. By the way he's always a little cold And A little proud of him self.

If he hasn't changed much, I think everything is okay. Yes, I agree with you that I think you two should be closer. If he has always been a bit cold, I am guessing there is something else about him that you really like? I like many things about him,Like he always treats me in the best way, He's a total gentelman, He's funny, He"s just always cold about sex stuff which actually botters me a little. Well he has no reason to think you a whoreslut. What is concerning is the culture though; I don't know anything about Iranian views.

Iranian views are really old and different, but Thanks for the answer honey, It made me a little more relax. No,I'm not a muslim, I have my own views about bad and good,And I don't think of sex as a bad thing.

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Sexual Health. Mahtaazh Xper 4. So I've been seeing this guy for about a month,He's really a great guy, he respects me in the best way and has kind of all I want from a guy, He's a footbalist, he's so reach I don't care about him being reach,just saying so you know and Has a really great family. We had a date today and ended up having sex in his room. I'm not a virgin and I don't believe in sex after marriage, but It wasn't really good,cause I Haven't had sex for a really long time.

But all I really wanna know is : Is it too soon to have sex with him? He didn't say any thing but I'm really worried Cause I really Like this guy. Wondering if he thinks of me as a whore?! I live in Iran.

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Add Opinion. Slugworth99 opinions shared on Sexual Health topic. Xper 6. After only one month and with your future plans, this may not have been the best thing. If neither of you have regrets, I would say that you should not worry about it. I hope that you used protection to protect yourself and not get pregnant.

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I am slightly familiar with the ways of Iran. There is much of the "western influence" in Iran despite what the leadership of Iran wants people to believe. However, I am not sure how accepted this would be if it became known.

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Do you know of other friends who are also not virgins and unmarried? You just want to protect yourself. As for what he thinks now, I think his actions over the next week or so will be very 'telling'. If he continues to see Sex after one month of dating, treats you nice, etc. If he ignores you or worst of all is mean to you, he is not a very good guy and obviously got what he wanted. If you two do continue, I would highly recommend the protection to keep from getting pregnant.

I don't think that would be accepted, or could you two possibly be forced to marry if he got you pregnant? Show All Show Less. MachineMan Xper 2. Up Now! Related Questions. Show All. I had sex with boyfriend after 1 month of dating and it is really good. Can too much sex help or hurt? This guy I used to date messaged after 6 months of no speaking, does he still think about me?

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What would be the reasons for ex to keeps texting and contacting after 5 months breakup? After 6 months is it still fwb? Sort Girls First Guys First. Konpachi Xper 6. I don't think he thinks you're loose, I'm sure he's happy that your relationship has come to this point and you should really just wait to see where things go from here.

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I ment rich. Thank you for your comment. The real question is "Who went there first? He came to me first, but I was willing 2. Related myTakes. How to know you're over them. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. Learn more. Yes No.

Sex after one month of dating

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