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The latest review travel insurance was posted on Sep 27, The latest complaint all inclusive varadero was resolved on Oct 01, Sell Off Vacations has an average consumer rating of 2 stars from 40 reviews. Sell Off Vacations has resolved 9 complaints. Initial Sell Off Vacations complaints should be directed to their team directly. You can find contact details for Sell Off Vacations above. We are doing work that matters - connecting customers with businesses around the world and help them resolve issues and be heard.

Use this comments board to leave complaints and reviews about Sell Off Vacations. Discuss the issues you have had with Sell Off Vacations and work with their customer service team to find a resolution. Hello, I Sell off vacation toronto purchased 7 days vacations including travel insurance to Bahams Atlantia resort with Sell Off Vacations. The travel insurance I have discussed with Sell off Vacation representative was suppose to be the best for all covid 19 related situations. I did trust the travel agent when she said " you have very good coverage for you and your family for up to 5 million dolars" While on our Sell off vacation toronto, our daughter tested positive for covid 19 and we all had to quarantine for 10 days, we had to pay for the hotel, food and to buy new flight tickets.

While we were quarantining in Bahamas, I have called our travel insurance and opened up a claim and was told that yes, we are covered by our policy and the insurance agent even called to our hotel manager to discuss hotel billing directly to the insurance company. This option was denied by the hotel manager. When we finished our quarantine and came back home to Canada, I have provided all our reciepts to our travel insurance for review and recently have received denial letter. Why would I purchase a travel insurance for a a trip longer then 31 days when I purchased 7 days vacation.

Please respond what can be done in this matter to [protected] yahoo. Booked an all-inclusive vacation for October When I was booking tickets online, there was no options to selected Price Drop guarantee or any of that sort. Tried calling and the agent was condescending and rude- she said they won't change or adjust the price.

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I asked if u can do that a better room for the same price as it is on the Sell off vacation toronto right now. She said no. And in these times when travel is slow that's how you treat customers? Good afternoon, I have been working with the same agent since day one Judith Mossman from the Nova Scotia Call centre rep Andrea from Barrie refused to honour cancellation policy. Unprecedented situations call for unprecedented actions. All I'm asking for a credit. They are refusing! We have a trip to Cuba booked for March Prime Minister plus federal public health says no international travel.

I'm a severe asthmatic and don't want to be stuck in third world country if borders close. I spoke to Ellen and asked for cancellation but haven 't received receipt. Had vacation package booked since July with Air Canada vacation for Feb 5 - 12, When e-doc We had a group of Everything has gone wrong since the beginning. Sell off vacations in st.

Catharines wa Hello, As of today I cancelled my booking for a wedding my family was to attend on April May 3 in I called sell off as i have been booking with them 5 years in a row. I purchase the Insurance by Transat for cancellation and medical for my parents as they are older and paid for my members of 5 in my group.

I even called back to book for 4 more people. I noticed my visa statement that the amount discussed for my family of 5 was incorrect. I then pulled up my invoice and noticed that the insurance was NOT charged or given to me. I called and left another msg and ed as well. He called back with an attitude - saying ishould have looked into this before and no where in our conversation i wanted this coverage - He Sell off vacation toronto a LIAR.

I asked for his managers info and he did not want to give it to me. I am travelling to Punta Cana. It was suppose to be October 21st to the 28th but now I am losing a day travel because of a booking issue either through selloff or westjest. Both myself and my ificant other are unable to change our dates of travel due to work and our vation time has already been approved for those dates. Selloff id reimbursing us for the night hotel that we Sell off vacation toronto losing but i do not feel that is enough.

I am looking to geting something out of this weather it be a hotel in Toronto the night of the 21st or some king of flight or room upgrade. It is my ificant others first vaction outside the country and its already turning into a nightmare because of interanl errors on the booking. The attachments are in pdf which i am unable to attach.

My Name: Matthew King : [protected] hotmail. Hello, I'll start off with saying that we're supposed to be on the beach right now but still at home waiting for the 5th time since last night to get our final boarding time with Sunwing. We're very frustrated as we've been asking for the reason why we lose an entire vacation day that we paid for and their generic answer is weather conditions and air traffic control Sell off vacation toronto are both a lie because I work at the airport and I know every other airline company left on time all day except theirs.

I know for a fact that they over booked and can not accommodate travelers and since they had an issue with one of their aircraft on June 28 arriving at YUL things have gotten worse but what frustrates us is they had an entire week to do something about it and give us options but they instead left us with no choice last minute so we can go with them anyways, seeing that everything else is double the price last minute had I canceled.

Their compensation for all this is in vouchers which I refuse because I didn't pay my holidays with them therefore I demand the portion of our vacation that's missed in real CDN dollars but they refuse, I will be calling the office of consumer protection for this and explaining in detail everything so hopefully I will be reimbursed what I haven't received on top of some expenses that I was obliged on the day I'm waiting! Please do not send me back a generic message like them take the time and address your customers personally My booking is [protected].

Recently concluded a 7 day stay at this so called 5 star hotel from June Not really expecting any So I called the office in Mayfield Common and asked for my representative who had the day off. I booked a 4 day trip to veradero. Scheduled flight showing on online was for oct I called into sell In march, on the site, i saw passenger, date of arrival, date of departure, travel sell by I book in september to caya coco with selloffvacations.

I travel to this resort over Christmas vacation I had a bad exp here the rooms here are in a state of disrepair. From bedbugs to mold to filth and bad plumbing electrical problems that leave you with fear the room will catch fire and no power in your room.

The septic beds are overflowing with sewage stench. The staff is not helpful I guess they can only work with what they have. For me I discarded my suitcases and other items because of bugs Sell off vacation toronto wanted some compensation the gave me a 50 travel voucher. They don't care and are rude once you pay them that's it. This company is a joke. Hello I recently took a flight to Phuket Thialand will my husband and I had booked through sell off When we arrived in Toronto we found out that our connection to Shanghai would be delayed We went to the customer Sell off vacation toronto counter for more info and were treated badly and dismissed When we did finally arrive in Shanghai our connecting flight was gone, we were told our flight would be the following day then we were taken to a hotel.

Our next flight was at the next day. When we arrived to check in and were told we were in standby Not acceptable This delay cost me 2 nights hotel that had been booked and pd for in advance I expect some type of compensation or upgrade for my trip back to Canada I look forward to your reply Thank you Karen Cleaver.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction. Thank you for your feedback. Our response will be sent directly to the client. File a complaint Contacts Complaints.

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