Seeking a strong confident handsome man

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Last week we heard from Orange County women, who, with a few exceptions, listed good grooming, stylish clothes and a healthy physique as incentives for an initial pas de deux. If a man was up to par physically, local women said, they were willing to find out more: Is he intelligent?

A good conversationalist?

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Does he have a sense of humor? I am impressed by women in really strong business clothing, with nice blazers and skirts. And what it communicates is someone who is confident and has opinions. Still, for all his hopes for a confident, successful, opinionated mate--someone, in other words, who has been taking care of business for a while--Neil has found himself dating women half his age. Do you have your American Express card with you? Single men generally echoed the distaff view of attractiveness regarding physical fitness and fashionable clothes.

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If she puts on makeup correctly, it enhances her natural beauty. I go to clubs a lot and what attracts me first is clothes. Somebody wearing nice bright colors, something appealing to the eye. If we start talking, instead of talking about the weather, we might talk about the Iran-Contra scandal. A high school teacher from Costa Mesa, Andy, 25, took a more liberal view of clothes, too.

I think natural beauty is the most attractive, the kind where they look good without all the extra stuff. No thanks. She wears loose-fitting clothes--not squeezed into jeans or a power suit.

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A lot of humor today is about sex, relationships, divorce. And a lot of it is fairly jaded and bitter.

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Jaded and bitter would probably be the last two adjectives used to describe Buzz, 42, a printing plant manager from Huntington Beach. Buzz took a lighter approach to our queries. Clothes--just that she wear some when we go out. I guess there has to be a certain age limitation--between 20 and 80 sounds fair.

Am I being too picky? Here come the holidays again--that frantic, expensive and often lonely time of the year. How do you handle the holiday blues? How serious do you have to be about someone to buy that person a present? Seeking a strong confident handsome man, have you ever tried to impress a woman with a gift? Women, have you ever given back a gift, and why? And right around the corner is another new year--a time for assessment. Have you achieved what you wanted to during the past year? Where do you want to be next year at this time, and how are you going to get there?

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Do you want to be married? A single parent? Have your own business? We want to know about your thoughts and experiences. Please include your phone so that a reporter may contact you. All Sections.

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Seeking a strong confident handsome man

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