Rub you lick you and sex you

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Well, it is now time to return the pleasure. Women are extremely sensitive both on bed and off. Every woman loves oral sex. They love it when the man goes down on uses their tongue to stimulate them. They are too kinky, unless you like such stuff. Also ensure that you are not making her uncomfortable.

Whatever you do, your lady love should enjoy every bit of it. The best way to make your woman crazy in bed when giving an oral sex is by changing the pace frequently. Start by doing it slow and then go wild, hard and fast on her. This change of pace make sit unpredictable for her and she will enjoy it even more. Going down on her should not be your first move.

You have to take your time and have a buildup. Start by kissing and then slowly move Rub you lick you and sex you her neck and then to her vagina. Do not look too eager and desperate. Build up the mood and by then make her feel at ease. This will erase every trace of sexual tension if any. If you have been confused about the correct spot, then let us tell you that the area below the clitoris usually is a weak spot for many women. Lick right below the clitoris and see her moan in pleasure. Stay there for a while until she hints at you to move elsewhere.

Stimulation is the key to a mind blowing oral sex. Yes, we agree since it is oral, a lot of your mouth is inaction. But you can certainly add some spice by using your fingers as well. Stimulate her vagina and clitoris to be specific. You can also lick her things, around the vagina and so on. Use your fingers a lot. Use it to touch her vagina and stimulate by using your fingers. Rub her clitoris and when you think she is ready insert your finger inside her vagina.

This is sure to blow her mind away. These are some Rub you lick you and sex you the most effective oral tips that will surely blow her away. Use these tips and give your woman one of the best oral sex experiences. Your sex life after this will never be boring.

Rub you lick you and sex you

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