Romantic restaurants new york city

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There are first dates. And second dates. And third dates. And then there are 20th dates. And 61st dates.

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And th dates. Are you even counting at that point? Probably not. But you still have to eat somewhere. Get bar seats and order pasta along with some excellent, Romantic restaurants new york city wine. And then sit back, and let the service and atmosphere carry the evening. This place has brick walls, a tiled floor, a rotating selection of natural wines, and some of the best pizzas in the city especially the square pie.

If your dinner goes well, there are plenty of spots for a nearby drink afterwards. Much like an umbrella or a stick of gum in your back pocket, Mimi has the potential to save your date night. So point your date night in the direction of Wildair. On first glance, it just looks like a casual wine bar - Romantic restaurants new york city the dinner menu happens to be pretty incredible.

Get the fried squid, pork milanese, and crispy grain salad. Whatever the situation, Allswell will probably work very well. The menu has plenty of things besides the burger, like pasta, grilled chicken, and a whole trout. The little space is in the basement of townhouse in the West Village, and it has a long bar and a single row of tables.

The food tends to be on the heavier side, so you should just make peace with that and order both the steak tartare and brussels sprouts with bacon. Humans are born with the innate knowledge that secret things are cooler than non-secret things. Just be sure to make a reservation. Toriko is a West Village Japanese restaurant where you can get a tasting menu that involves a lot of food on sticks.

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Try to sit at the counter, so you can watch as everything is prepared. Plus, the space used to be an antique store, and it still sort of feels like one. Your date will probably find this charming. Book a table at Pasquale Jones. It can be tough to get a table last-minute, but you can always stop in and try your luck at the bar. Try it for a date night when fun is the priority, and be sure to order the queso.

Lilia is our favorite restaurant in Williamsburg for several reasons: stunning space, awesome pastas, fried cacio e pepe, great wine list, and soft serve ice cream with sprinkles on top. This restaurant just does it all right. We would usually tell you that the best way to experience a place like Lilia is to bring a bunch of people and try everything.

But the actual best way to experience Lilia? Bring one other person and try everything. Some small plates places are ideal for groups. Estela is not one of them. Bring someone who likes sharing, and cover your table with things like raw scallops, ricotta dumplings, and lamb ribs. Al Di La hits the sweet spot: incredibly good, rustic Italian food, in a charming but not cutesy environment in Park Slope.

Make it a one-two punch by heading Romantic restaurants new york city to Blueprint for a Romantic restaurants new york city nightcap afterwards. Just go to Sauvage. And if you if you want a burger, the one here is top-notch. Home Cities Pick the perfect spot for every situation. Travel Guides Plan your trip and eat like locals. Send Us Feedback. Add a short message. NYC Guide. PastaItalian in West Village. AmericanRaw Bar in Williamsburg.

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Japanese in Fort Greene.

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Romantic restaurants new york city

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The 21 most romantic restaurants in NYC