Religious dating questions

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Before Marc and I started counseling, he wrote up with a list of 34 Christian premarital questions. You read that right. He w-r-o-t-e these questions because he is that brilliant. Mostly because we had a lot of questions. The questions we were finding in most premarital counseling books, seminars, and such weren't what he was looking for. Marc came up with these questions after studying the writings of Count Zinzendorf What I love most about them is how they continually point back to Scripture, and revisiting these questions is making me fall in love with Marc all over again. I can't believe we will celebrate 10 years this October!!

There are certain questions every couple should ask before marriage. Please use these 34 Christian premarital questions to strengthen your relationship, whether you are dating, engaged, or married:. What does this marriage cost you? What do you have to give up? How do you feel about giving that up? What will Religious dating questions you when your partner screws up? Does your theology matter in dealing with conflict? Do you feel your partner is committed to you?

Do you know your partner is committed to you? How important is it to know they are committed to you? How does this line up with feeling God is committed to you? Do you believe your communion with one another directly affects the health of your marriage? What is your communion with Christ like? What are you doing daily to deepen it? Do you see your spouse as a separate entity? Is that Biblical? How does it affect your marriage? Why has God provided you with a partner?

What ministry do you see him working through in your relationship? What does it mean to become one flesh? How Religious dating questions this influencing you? Are you still independent? Have you had to give up anything? Does a husband and wife with parallel yet independent ministries matter? Religious dating questions does submission mean? Do you believe that Jesus died for your sins and that he is risen and reigning over this world and your life?

Is there anything you can't discuss with your partner?

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Do you think it's okay to have secrets in a marriage? What does being married to Christ entail for you? In what ways are you falling short of this? Religious dating questions do you expect your spouse to help you in this? What if they don't or can't? Do you think it is possible to progress in your relationship with Christ while your mate does not?

Does a successful marriage or satisfying marriage top your list of desires in your marriage?

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What do you want your marriage to ultimately be? Do you believe your spouse's salvation depends on you? Define the Christian lifestyle you want your spouse to see in you. How does Christian community affect marriage? What if it is wishy-washy, bland and fake?

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What if it is real? Can you distinguish between the two? Are you willing to change to accommodate in this area? Does compatibility matter? What does it mean to be compatible?

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Is your response in line with Scripture? Marc and I purposefully wanted to talk through all of these questions before we got married. Plus, after you get engaged, all you think about is planning a wedding. We heard how potentially stressful wedding planning could be.

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Instead of discussing important matters over deing invite cards at my parents house--we decided Religious dating questions intentionally talk about them in private before things got crazy. My advice to you is don't be afraid to ask the tough questions before you get engaged, and especially before you get married. After all, it's a pretty important decision--the rest of your life! To learn more about Christian premarital questions, dating, and heartbreak--please check out these four books including two of mine:.

Plus Plus. Renee Fisher Devotional Diva. There are certain questions every couple should ask before they get married. Please use these 34 Christian premarital questions to strengthen your relationship whether you are dating, engaged, or married. Amant Haddox. All rights reserved.

Religious dating questions

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Before You Save the Date: 21 Questions to Help You Marry with Confidence