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Victor and Jane Doe decided not to have sex.

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Victor then left in the early morning hours. Morales remained in the house. Everyone had been drinking at the party. Morales claimed that Jane Doe consented, but Jane Doe disputed that, saying that she was asleep when she awakened to the sensation of Morales having sexual intercourse with her.

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She claimed that she thought it was Victor, her boyfriend, but then realized it was not and screamed. Jane Doe then called Victor, who came to the house and called the police. Morales was arrested after police found him hiding in the bushes down the street.

Concealing such a fact is not an element of rape of an unconscious person. The Second Appellate District agreed with Morales. The jury instruction allowed a conviction based on a basis that was simply not part of the law. Moreover, the evidence from the trial was such that Morales did nothing to make Jane Doe believe he was Victor. It further noted that Redondo beach california sex. lack of consent is not an element of the crime of rape of an unconscious person, the concept of being unconscious is related to the issue of consent. The court then discussed more than a dozen reported decisions which supported such a basis as an element and, in contrast, criticized rape by impersonation because it was fraud in the inducement, not fraud in the fact.

Fraud in the inducement is not a crime, because consent is given — although it was procured by fraud. Julio Morales 2d App. What Is Statutory Rape? Please do not include any confidential or sensitive information in a contact form, text message, or voic.

The contact form sends information by non-encryptedwhich is not secure. Submitting a contact form, sending a text message, making a phone call, or leaving a voic does not create an attorney-client relationship. Award Recipient. Other Information. Criminal Defense Articles. About This Article Briefly : Conviction overturned for rape of an unconscious person because it allowed a conviction when the victim was conscious, but unaware of who was having sex with Redondo beach california sex. or him.

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He said he kissed her, and she kissed him back. He told Peralta that Jane Doe probably thought he was Victor and when she realized he was not, she screamed.

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Later, Morales wrote out a statement and ed it, saying that when he put his penis into her vagina, she was asleep. Communities Served. Review Us on Google. Search Search Search. Submit a Law Firm Client Review. View More. Justia Law Firm Website De.

Redondo beach california sex.

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