Racecar Tulsa looking for fun passaneger

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And maybe you frequently experience frustrations because you can never really open-up your car to the spirited driving for which you think you and your car are capable. Are you really wanting to be an on-track driver and not just a spectator, but maybe not quite ready for wheel-to-wheel racing? ANY street-legal car excluding SUVs, trucks, wagons, vans except by specific permission can be used WITHOUT normal race prep…no roll cage, no driving suit, no prior competition driving experience are required for this non-race series.

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Convertibles must have factory or aftermarket roll bar protection to participate. Minimum 18 years of age to drive in HST. Please study the information in your confirmation .

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You must have factory seat belts, wear a or newer Snell-approved safety helmet rentals are available and wear a long-sleeved shirt and long pants and closed-toe shoes while you drive on track for YOUR safety. In the HPDE program you also meet with instructors between sessions. And FREE photos available to download at link on bottom of website home! Lockton Affinity Motorsports Insurance. Friday — Arrive by am and waivers admission gate.

On 1st visit each year, Bring your completed annual self-tech sheet with your helmet for inspection.

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See schedule attached to each event for more details.

Racecar Tulsa looking for fun passaneger

email: [email protected] - phone:(559) 570-4594 x 2654

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