Questions young people ask about relationship

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In our busy lives as married couples, one of the most important areas not to neglect is our communication. The more we talk to each other, the more we will know about each other. Learn to ask important questions throughout every stage.

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Here are 25 questions to get you started:. What other questions can you come up with to help others?

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Even Q 17 could have a short timeframe. He is totally disengaged in our home life, we have no social life together. Mentally he is sharp, socially. So we pay to have it done. He he more intelligent than me? I long to be a widow. Have you told him what you have shared with us? Does he realise how his excessive screen time makes you feel? Can you gently confront him with what he has become? Can you ask him out on a date of something he used to enjoy doing?

Honestly, ur husband sounds like the man of my dreams. I end up on my computer so he can stop talking about the outside world. Jesus Christ!

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No wonder he spends all his time in front of the computer. I suggested this to our married group of friends for us to do, and as I was reading them I thought they seem more for newlyweds but the more I read I thought these are good for anyone. Visit The Shop. What are you most excited about in our relationship during this season? If you could see two things change about me what would they be?

What ways can I honor you more? What are your biggest fears about our relationship? Are you dealing with anything that I can help you with currently? How can we improve our intimacy or take it to the next level?

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If you had three wishes to wish for our future, what would they be? What are a few ways I need to be more understanding? What are a few ways you desire to see our finances improve? What are three places within miles that you would like to spend a few days? What strengths do I bring to our relationship? Do you feel more emotionally connected than we did early in our relationship? What are two things we forgot to celebrate this year?

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What were some things we used to do before we were married that you miss now? What do I need to know most about you right now? Is your love for me growing stronger? What have you learned to appreciate about me that you did not know when we were first married?

Are you satisfied with the amount of time we spend together? Do I tell you I love you enough?

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What ways can we building our friendship more? More question about old marriage couple Reply. Alison on June 25, at AM. Joanna on August 13, at PM. Kendra on September 18, at AM. Amit on September 21, at PM. I liked this article and Good collection of questions.

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Questions young people ask about relationship

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