Praying for spouse

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A marriage enjoyed by two people of deep faith should have several characteristics which greatly differ from other marriages. Forgiveness, mercy, passion, and service should be more prevalent in a Christian home.

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One Praying for spouse the great gifts which faith should give to a Christian marriage is prayer. Imagine the encouragement it would bring to know that on a nearly daily basis someone is praying for you. They are on your side.

They have your back. They are appealing to heaven for your sake. Prayer is one way in which all three roles of a spouse— friend, partner, and lover —is expressed. Many people would like to pray for their spouse but they do not know how.

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Prayer is often a topic of obligation for a Christian with very little understanding of how to actually do it. Praying for spouse, prayer is not as difficult as we make it. And the more we do it, the better we get at it. Thank God for them. Voice to God your gratitude for your spouse. Remember why you fell in love. Thank Him for the privilege of being married remember, many people long for a spouse or are grieving the loss of a spouse. Intercede on their behalf. Maybe it is the need for patience during a tough meeting at work. Maybe it is the need for Praying for spouse while raising toddlers.

Ask God to reveal Himself to them. While it is important to pray for health and happiness, most of the prayers in the New Testament have a different form. They are prayers asking God to make Himself known to people. Pray that God would reveal Himself in a powerful way to your spouse.

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Ask God to make you a better spouse. No matter who you are, you have weaknesses which can be improved. Asking God to make you a better spouse will challenge your heart to know God, listen to Him, and allow Him to change you. Prayer can have a powerful impact on marriage. Not only can God use your prayer to change your spouse, it is guaranteed he will use your prayer to change you. As you pray for them, you are reminded of your own need. One of the great dangers in marriage is believing your spouse is more broken than you are.

When you believe your spouse is THE problem, you are tempted to feel entitled to something or someone better. Prayer can safeguard your heart from pride. As you pray for someone, you begin to see them more like God sees them. Even if you do not like their actions, you have a better understanding for why they act as they do. See: Praying for spouse Your Prayer.

Prayer is not magic. However, Praying for spouse can dramatically change most relationships. If two people would honestly pray for one another and passionately attempt to live their prayer, very few relationships would fail. Pray for your spouse, not with the intent of manipulation, but with the honest desire for their well-being. Here is a simple outline to use while praying for your spouse: Thank God for them.

How Prayer Changes You Prayer can have a powerful impact on marriage. Whenever you pray for your spouse, you will have more: Humility. See: Live Your Prayer Prayer is not magic.

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Praying for spouse

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Praying for your spouse: The good, the bad and the barriers