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Make the most of your single life. Turn a season of waiting into a season of passion, purpose, and preparation. Even my family has noticed! And not just any guys — really great Christian men. I've thought a lot about why these guys have come out of the woodwork, and honestly, I've come to believe that it's because this course reminded me of my worth and identity in Christ. I no longer need their approval because I have the approval of the One who matters. As a result, I've come alive in my conversations with men. I've been confident, friendly, joyful, and authentically myself.

That's what this course One single love for me. I started this course in the midst of my senior year, and it changed everything for me. Within the first five videos, something clicked - I became so much more confident in myself.

And as I continued through the course, that confidence only grew. I finally let go of the fear that I'd be single forever, I went to therapy, invested in my friendships, moved abroad, and got my masters degree! It changed how I viewed my past relationships and helped me heal from them, it One single love me to a place of surrender with Jesus, and it helped me be present with the people around me and really take in the moments I was currently living instead of living in the future.

I became a much healthier person because of it. God used you to get me ready for my life as an individual, and as a wife. Thank you! So many people are single and seem to be totally fine with it! I felt embarrassed for wanting help.

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I was afraid it would make me feel One single love. But honestly? It made me feel the opposite. This course has been amazing — so encouraging and empowering. My friends have even noticed a change in me. One said that I seem to be radiating confidence. I love that! I felt I couldn't move, couldn't pursue my dreams, couldn't grow for fear of missing the guy I might spend the rest of my life with.

And now? Now I have the freedom to dream big, to go see the Northern Lights by myself or with friends! Right decided to show up. I feel like Stephanie gave me permission to finally live the life I've been dreaming about living. I was blown away by how intimate it was!

In each video it was as though Steph was speaking back to me things that had always been questions, fears and wonderings within my heart, but which I'd never given myself permission to really consider. I have not only grown closer to God by taking this course, I've grown closer to myself. This course began a journey that One single love am so thrilled and thankful to be on!

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In some ways, LYSL prepared me to withstand all the ups and downs of too. Last year was the best year of my life as far as finding purpose and living fully and I credit so much of that to you. I mean it! Thank you. Also great for other aspects of single life from relational to finance to wellness You will love this course!

About a year later, still feeling like a fish out of water with the whole singleness thing, I decided I had nothing left to lose and ended up ing up. And wow am I glad I did. LYSL is refreshing, down to earth, and hits on REAL One single love, fears, and confusion about being single while pointing to the beauty to be found in it. I left the course not just loving my single life but loving my whole One single love in general. It empowered me to stand on my own two feet while becoming the woman God created me to be. Take it from a former skeptic: buy the course.

I'll prove it to you! I wanted to share with you how LYSL impacted my life. It started when my sister told me she had taken the course. She said it was the highlight of her year because it helped her live more fully, step out of her comfort zone, and try online dating. She ended up meeting a great guy, and now they are getting married in March! I met an amazing guy that September and he proposed in March. We were married this past September and now we have a baby due in June. I credit all these blessings to God and your One single love. Thank you so much! Before the course, I said I was content with being single, but deep down I was still incredibly insecure about it.

Steph's course allowed me to explore the value of singleness, and today I can tell you that I am truly happy and content with being single! Steph helped me dream, and plan for my future. Since One single love course, I have reached more of my goals that I set aside for "someday": adopting a dog, spending more time outdoors, learning to cook well, and investing in my friendships. At the same time, I also feel ready to date as a result of the course. Growing up in church, I did not learn much about dating and relationships besides the usual "date with the intention to marry" advice.

As a result, I have always been anxious about dating because I did not know what to do, or how to do it well! Steph's course taught me how to flirt, how to talk to guys, and how to show a guy that I am interested in him. LYSL taught me directly and explicitly how to date, and for that I am so grateful.

My confidence in the relationship side of my life is higher than ever, and I feel both content in my current season, and eager to see what the future holds. Because of your course, I went to therapy, stopped binge drinking, and began to LOVE the One single love God made me— not because of a man, alcohol, or anything else other than the love God has for me! In the spring of I began One single love the love of my life, and we are getting married this summer! I am so grateful for LYSL! I saw all of my friends pairing off, getting married, and starting families and I felt left out.

I was in a career that I loved, had a great group of friends, and had just accomplished my big dream of becoming a d foster parent. Even so, I was 30 years old and I felt like I was doing life wrong because I was not married and I was not even pursuing dating. I was just comparing my life to others and felt like I wasn't doing what was expected of me. Right then, I dropped those expectations and decided to let God lead me on the path he had for me.

Before the course even ended, I received a call to welcome two precious foster daughters into my home. So yes, a year later, I am still single. That hasn't changed. It took the LYSL course for me to realize just how amazing being single can be. I grew up in church, but still had so many unanswered questions when it came to dating, sex, marriage, courting, and so many other similar topics. I felt seen, heard, and understood.

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I felt like Stephanie was my big cousin that sat me down at her house and patiently answered all my questions. She went even further to equip me to fully live out and enjoy my singleness—a unique season that I struggled to see the value of for SO LONG.

The course not only helped me hope for the future, but also helped me to see the beauty along the journey.

One single love

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