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Published on Feb. Hong Kong is a magical place, especially for its vibrant nightlife. It surprised me how little is known about all the amazing venues and places to party. Most tourists and travellers stay in the popular LKF Lan Kwai Fong nightlife district and not venturing out to the other exciting districts in the city, which is a Night clubs hong kong mistake!

Highest bar in the world located on the th floor of the ICC building which is world's 4th tallest. Most popular bar on Knutsford terrace in the Kowloon nightlife district, often featuring live bands on weekends. Entrance is FREE! Amazing sports and digital ping pong bar unknown to most tourists great for predrinking. Another great bar for ping pong and darts, great music and an awesome local vibe.

Just like Arena and Pong, Showtime is also focused on sports and interactive games, a great place to start or finish your night in Hong Kong. They even have Edelweiss beer on draft! Most beautiful bar in Hong Kong Central, perfect for a date night out, often features Jazz bands. Do not touch the fairies, they are cursed. Excellent dive bar across from the Iron Fairies, perfect for predrinking and mingling with locals, expats and tourists. Another perfect date spot is Wahtiki Hawaiian lounge.

Your first time in Hong Kong? Definitely worth a visit! Excellent dive bar in the heart of LKF, young crowd, loud beats, mostly visited by tourists and expats. Most upscale nightclub in LKF, this place is visited by high-rollers, a mature crowd and international models. If you have money to spend, than this is the place for Night clubs hong kong.

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Perfect bar for an epic night out, especially during Halloween, most of these blog photos where taken at HQ during Halloween night. This is often where the pub crawl ends so you Night clubs hong kong have to pay the expensive cover. My favorite nightclub in LKF for its large dance floor, dark atmosphere, excellent beats and local crowd but isn't cheap. To start off, grab a few cocktails at the highest bar in the world located on the th floor of the ICC building, currently world's 4th tallest building with stunning views of the Hong Kong skyline.

Alternatively, visit Eyebar in the Tsim Sha Tsui district which offers an outdoor patio with, in my opinion, the best view of Hong Kong. I visited Hong Kong during Halloween, widely known to be the best time of the year!

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During my stay I ventured out to Night clubs hong kong Lan Kwai Fong district to the popular Hong Kong Pub Crawl, they had a massive turn-out resulting in one of the most fun parties I have ever attended. Especially in Hong Kong, I definitely recommend this because nightclubs and drinks are very expensive.

LKF known by the locals as 'bad white people place'. To say there is a specific bar that stands out I would be lying. HQ did a great job decorating their venue with bloody bodies. The Night clubs hong kong was super friendly, excellent beats and a large outdoor patio with bottle service. If it is a regular Saturday night, then I highly recommend Play to mingle with the locals, it is an excellent nightclub and not too touristy.

The great thing about Hong Kong is almost everyone speaks English, so unlike Japan, it is a lot easier to mingle and make new friends here. Nightlife in Hong Kong often keeps going until 6am at the earliest. Please do avoid staying at the Chungking Mansions guesthouses, rumor has it that the building is very dirty and loaded with cockroaches.

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Night clubs hong kong

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