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Demi, 21, explains how buying their first sex toy allowed them to work through their own internalised misogyny in relation to pleasuring themself!

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Age 21, I unboxed my first sex toy in front of my partner and asked him to use it on me. When I looked into why I felt this shame, it boiled down to New masturbation stories internalised misogyny. I had never had an issue with masturbating, I had never been one of those girls who denied masturbating which is a form of internalised misogyny and I had never shied away from pleasuring myself whilst having sex with a partner.

However, the moment this silicone machine was in my hand, I felt embarrassed about owning it, let alone using it! Female masturbation was New masturbation stories taught in my secondary school RSE, and it was also either denied or never discussed between girls I knew. On the other end of the spectrum, boys would discuss their masturbation stories with one another and frankly anyonethey would draw penises on every worksheet or pencil case, they would show one another porn videos that they had wanked to the night and even talk about us girls in the language of wanting to masturbate over us.

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I grew up knowing more about male pleasure than my own and I think that speaks volumes for how women are conditioned to disregard their own sexual pleasure. I am visibly uncomfortable holding this member and my partner can see that, once I had asked for him to use it on me, he took control of the situation and in minutes, I had climaxed.

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After I had collected myself, we discussed how it made me feel and whether I would use it again, which was New masturbation stories healthy conversation to have with my partner and is one of the reasons I felt so comfortable in trying the toy out in a solo session. One of New masturbation stories thoughts that was instilled in me by my internalised misogyny was the fear that my partner would feel replaced by this machine. Yes, we did make jokes about me replacing him with a wand, however, we only did this after having a mature conversation about how this toy was aiding the scene, specifically my pleasure and was in no means replacing him.

I no longer felt guilty for using a toy on myself and began using my toys nightly. I found the confidence and comfortability to discuss using my toys with my partner before a sexual encounter, I was the one to bring up the use of a toy and I began guiding him in how to please me. I felt, for the first time, powerful and in-control of my own orgasm.

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Since that first New masturbation stories, which I will say BLEW my mind, I have become way more comfortable with sex toys and have in fact collected up to 9 now… in less than a month! I began reading more into misogyny and how as a woman, I have internalised beliefs about my own sex life which do not benefit me. I realised that I could be a dominant in the bedroom and that in doing so, it did not mean I was any less of a woman.

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I realised that the discussion around female masturbation is so lacking in mass media, literature and society that many girls, like myself, know more about male masturbation than how to pleasure themselves. My world felt as if it was crumbling around me, but in the best way possible, all because I had taken control over my own orgasm and had begun to dismantle behaviours instilled in me from childhood. Did I fear posting my first selfie with a sex toy? However, I know now that masturbating with a toy is not something to be ashamed of, it is not something to hide away in your sock drawer and I think every woman should take a selfie with her toy.

As a form of rebellion to the patriarchy, buy yourself a sex toy and take control New masturbation stories your orgasm. Since writing this article, Demi has written another more recent piece, which reflects their relationship to masturbation as a gender variant person. You New masturbation stories read their new Real Story about masturbation here. Registered Charity in England and Wales, Registered Charity in Scotland, SC Privacy Policy. Search for:. Stay in the know our mailing list to get regular updates and info on what we're up to!

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New masturbation stories

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