Nepali sex workers in kathmandu

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Kamala, a sex worker with her back to the camerawalks near hotels in Itahari that offer sex workers to customers. Her lips are a bright shade of orange. Meya, 21, a sex worker, is preparing to meet a client in Itahari, a city about 5 kilometres 3. Itahari, host to a highway that connects Nepal and India, which share an open border, is a boom town for the sex trade. The town is a popular destination for Indian traders who want to hire prostitutes.

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Read the blog. She stopped working when, inshe married a man she met at the hotel where she worked. The man was not a client of her or any other sex worker. But he left when Swastika, his daughter, was three months old. She meets customers during the day, when a neighbour looks after Swastika, because she tends to the toddler at night.

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With just an eighth grade education, Meya, who lives with her daughter in a rented room, says she has few options. Bibina Meya holds her 2-year-old daughter, Swastika. Meya is a sex worker, but she only works during the day so she can care for her daughter at night. The sex trade is globally denounced for its ties to sex trafficking and forced prostitution, but in Itahari, a major transport hub in Nepal, the trade is booming because young girls with little education and few job options choose to work Nepali sex workers in kathmandu it.

Another survey conducted by Swiss relief agency Terre des hommes in estimated that between 11, and 13, girls and young women were working in the entertainment industry in the Kathmandu Valley. Many of the girls and young women in the trade, like Meya, come from troubled backgrounds. Two years after she arrived in Kathmandu, a friend told her that she could earn more money by working in a factory.

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But when Meya agreed to the Nepali sex workers in kathmandu, the friend took her not to a factory, but to the hotel in Itahari, and left her there. The hotel owner gave Meya a choice: Leave the hotel, or stay and become a sex worker. After two weeks, she agreed to become a sex worker. The young teenager was popular with customers. Many men waited for spots in her schedule.

There were five other sex workers in the hotel, but they were all between 20 and 25 years old. Nepalese girls are popular with Indian clients, Thakuri says. Dhakal says that poverty and family problems usually drive girls and young women into prostitution.

Some of the girls are barely literate, she says. I have to eat and I have to pay rent. Kamala, 20, became a sex worker when she was just 14 years old. Kaphle, the t secretary of the Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare says education is the key to curtailing the sex trade, especially for young girls. The government provides free education up to grade 10, he says. There are child marriages and domestic violence at home.

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Meya says she has realized the importance of education, and is determined that her daughter will complete school and, one day, become a doctor. By Shilu Manandhar Senior Reporter. Share on.

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Shilu Manandhar, GPJ Nepal Kamala, a sex worker with her back to the camerawalks near hotels in Itahari that offer sex workers to customers. The sex trade generally pays well. The of sex workers will keep increasing. Girls below 18 years are not sex workers. They should be considered as trafficked. Sunita Danuwar, founder and executive director of Shakti Samuha, an organization that fights sex trafficking. Related Stories.

Nepali sex workers in kathmandu

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In Nepal, Sex Trade Thrives in Transport Hubs