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Sensual Massage is one of the many massage parlors Massage bangkok erotic now crowds out a small side soi off of Sukhumvit Soi The same small alley is also home to places like Paradise Massage and the ly reviewed Exotic Massage Bangkok. The most likely scenario is that whichever place was first became popular among punters and so others followed suit.

Anyone who has seen several seafood restaurants with similar names in a row knows that such things are not uncommon in Asia. Despite my best efforts I am unable to ascertain which of the massage parlors in the alley was the first or at least the first to offer special massages. Still I am able to give each place the once over and report my findings Massage bangkok erotic for the enjoyment of the readers. Like most of the places in the alley Sensual Massage Bangkok has a very small lobby.

Upstairs and in private rooms to the back and sides there is much more room. The size of the staff can be deceiving too with around a half dozen women being available most times even though the entrance looks like it can barely hold more than two people. The women on staff could be described as ranging between average and attractive in the looks department.

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The gals range in age from the mid twenties to mid thirties though most are around twenty six or so. They tend to speak a little English and some seem to be more into the kinky aspects of their job than others. Some are even categorized as mistresses which should give a hint as to their proclivities. The older female manager at Sensual Massage is certainly no master of the English language but she is able to communicate enough to get the point across. For whatever reason she seems much better at communicating in English over smartphone apps like Line. This may be because she finds it easier to read than listen Massage bangkok erotic simply due to the use of a translation app.

Sensual Massage has a long and detailed menu but customers can also go off script and request their own specialty massages. This is also the norm on the small strip that Sensual Massage calls home. In the case of special requests prices seem to be made up on the spot by the woman in charge. Most of these options and others are also available in outcall sessions for more money. Sensual Massage has nice enough women on staff.

They offer a very wide range of services that even include things like tickling and golden showers for those into that sort of thing. For that Massage bangkok erotic they fill a niche and serve a client base that may otherwise be under served. If Sensual Massage does have any advantages over them it would probably be their extended hours. They open early and close late. Two stars. Mamasang was very keen to push 2 girls for 90mins at b but I just wanted a standard FS massage so choose that option, 90mins at b.

I was expecting to be able to choose Massage bangkok erotic girl but Mamasang was insistent that I go with Bam — an early 30s, slim isaan girl with average looks, a full back tattoo and some jailhouse ink blotches here and there, and attempted blonde highlights that had turned out a rusty copper look. Bam had to be woken from her late afternoon siesta.

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I glanced at the other girls sat around in similar black dresses. Only one offered eye contact.

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The rest sat looking at their phones. Bam took me upstairs wiping sleep from her eyes, pointed at the shower and focused her attention on a dysfunctional AC system in the massage room. I waited around 10 minutes expecting her to me but gave up and showered myself before returning to the room.

One fully woken Bam attempted conversion while lightly massaging Massage bangkok erotic left buttock and thigh with one hand. Then it was time to turn over and she fumbled for a condom yawning a little. I watched bemused as she tried to put a rubber on my half inflated member. She eventually succeeded and tried to get me hard via a covered BJ through which there was no sensitivity. I encouraged her to give a little more effort and eventually I awoke. I laughed. We had FS in various position, all at my request. She was a bit fast despite me telling her to slow down.

I was no where near climax and ended Massage bangkok erotic jerking off over her belly. I assumed the rush was because she had to fit in two shots in 90mins, which I thought standard for massage ts. However I was soon told to get a shower.

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She said that 90mins included 2 x 10 minute showers. That annoyed me as I expect a 90min massage to allow extra time at beginning and end to take a shower. I would have probably chosen Bam on sight as the most slim and youngest there anyway, but a choice is better.

Perhaps I chose the wrong day to visit as the choice of girls was limited, with some showing zero interest and others like they were suffering from a heavy night out the day. But there are plenty of Massage bangkok erotic owned bars and massage parlors. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Massage Parlors. Prev Article Next Article. Related Posts. Vern November 19, Thank you very much for the detailed report.

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Fred December 12, Add Comment Cancel reply Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sukhumvit Soi 22, Bangkok, Thailand Map.

Massage bangkok erotic

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