Married mom needs attention

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With time, we realize that neither we are the leading ladies nor our husbands are any heroes. We tend to forget how the success of a marriage is not only decided by wife and husband, but also by his family — who in name of parenting, tend to control their son and his wife.

Now before you read any further — here is a much-needed disclaimer. All in-laws are not the same. There are many supportive in-laws and if you are blessed with them, you are very fortunate. And, I am happy for you.

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But there are still many, who are struggling with controlling in-laws. My mother-in-law seems to be a Married mom needs attention kind person. She never openly says what the problem is. She loves me in front of her son so that my husband always believes her side of the story! This hypocrisy never ends as the stupid son believes his mother blindly on everything that she says!

Soon after my marriage, I realize that daughter-in-law can never be daughter and mother-in-law can never be mother… at least not mine. Is his mood bad? Why do you fight with him? Even when my husband takes a day off to spend time with me, my mother-in-law will have issues. She will definitely give him a lecture on how work is more important.

But when it comes to her, nothing is more important. She expects my husband to treat her as his top priority. Rather we should invest.

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I feel heartbroken and cheated. Now with time, my expectations from this marriage are also fading away. I feel like a maid in this house who has been hired to serve my husband and his mother.

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I wonder will my husband ever realize that I left my family to be part of his? Will he ever realize the extent of this sacrifice that I made for this marriage to work? Like many married women, as I battle in my marriage, I hope new era moms will be different. Women Power. About Us. Privacy Policy. Media Kit. March 10, Tags: Open Letter. Share Tweet Send Pin. Connect With Us. This website uses cookies. By continuing to use this website you are giving consent to cookies being used.

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My Mother-in-law Wants Attention & Control At Any Cost Even If It Destroys Her Son’s Marriage