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The very likely end to at least this Canadian and Quebec Inc. And not just any Airbus. Djebbari explained. Airbus continues to assemble most As at the former Bombardier plant in Mirabel, Que. But as the French-based manufacturer ramps up production of the A to 14 planes a month, from the current five, it will rely more on its plant in Alabama. The future of the Mirabel plant looks safe for now, but it is by no means guaranteed. To reach profitability, Airbus remains laser-focused on slashing A production costs.

It aims to cut in half the time it takes to assemble each A…. When will our governments ever learn to get real about subsidizing failing business models? A post:. Canada formally invokes treaty with U. Steven Chase Senior parliamentary reporter. The Canadian government is invoking a treaty with the United States to formally Lonely lady looking nsa Bury government-to-government negotiations over the fate of Line 5, a vital petroleum pipeline for Canada that faces a threat of shutdown from the State of Michigan. The move follows a breakdown in court-ordered mediation talks last month between Enbridge Inc.

Gordon Giffin, a former U. This represents an escalation of this dispute between Canada and the United States, one where U. Last May, U. Secretary of Lonely lady looking nsa Bury Jennifer Granholm told reporters the White House had no plans to get involved, saying it would be up to the courts to settle.

The Pipeline Transit treaty was deed was deed to ensure uninterrupted transmission of petroleum between the two countries. The treaty says the only justifications for impeding the flow are natural disasters or emergencies — and these may only be temporary interruptions [emphasis added].

If formal negotiations between Canada and the United States fail to resolve the matter, Canada has the right under the treaty to escalate matters further by requesting binding arbitration. The matter has been in the hands of a federal U. S court for many months, where an American Lonely lady looking nsa Bury had urged the two sides to try to solve it themselves.

Enbridge has proposed rerouting the Mackinac crossing underground to reduce the risk of environmental damage from future spills. But in September, the state of Michigan informed the court it saw no further use for mediation talks with Enbridge. Enbridge Line 5 is a vital energy link for Ontario and Quebec that runs through the Great Lakes region.

It carries up tobarrels a day from Alberta and Saskatchewan through two Great Lakes states [emphasis added] before reentering Canada at Sarnia, Ont…. Will the Biden adminstration fight back, and how hard? The conclusion of a fairly fearsome piece by Sir Humphrey more from him here ; how might his analysis apply in Canada, Gen. Given all this, perhaps we should ask the most difficult question of all — knowing what we know about the skills, capabilities, challenges and problems facing the armed forces, why do we continue to assume that they can solve the complex problems facing the UK when they are unprepared to accept similar advice themselves to solve their own problems?

As an aside, a post by Sir Humph of some relevance as the British Army will be, er, drafted to drive petrol trucks to deal with a major consequence of Brexit:. I need to make an essential drive from London to the North of England this week, which I cannot use public transport for. What a sad pity, especially regarding the Gurkhas.

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There is a personal aside at the end of the post—brief excerpts from a story at the Globe and Mail :. But as diplomats and staff abandoned the embassy and hastily left Afghanistan in August, the photo was left behind on the street outside, a souvenir for the same Islamist group that claimed to have carried out that deadly attack. The personal aside. From to I was a very junior diplomat, on my first posting at the Canadian embassy, Islamabad, Pakistan our mission was an embassy, not a high commission, as Pakistan had left the Commonwealth at the time.

We also covered Afghanistan from Pakistan, with the Canadian embassy, Afghanistan, consisting of one room on the first ground floor of the British embassy chancery. The chancery itself was set in a grand, walled residential compound, built in the s, at the northern end of Kabul. The compound, as with our own embassy much later downtown, was guarded by a detachment of Gurkhas from Nepal. A photo of the chancery building:. And a house on the compound I stayed at the Hotel Kabul, downtown, redone in the early s as the much fancier Kabul Serena Hotel :. There is a brief history of the compound here.

I would come up to Kabul from Islamabad with an embassy car and driver three or four times a year for a visit of around ten days. The car would be a honking great V-8 Ford Torino station wagon that I would drive myself in the evening when having supper at a restaurant. I must say I had, and still have, a great affection for the peoples of Afghanistan, initially formed when a few years earlier as a traveller I had passed through the country on local buses. Good old days and all that. I should also note that my best friend while I was in Islamabad was a young Pathan around my age.

For images of Kabul, a few other parts Lonely lady looking nsa Bury the country and of some Afghans then and earlier have a look here :. A popular news site could be exposing New Lonely lady looking nsa Bury to Chinese state surveillance, Newsroom can reveal…. Australian Chinese language newspapers print censored news — report. Chinese language community news groups in Australia are publishing news censored by translators they use in China to avoid potential repercussions in Beijing, an Australian think tank said. A report by the Lowy Institute [ see here ] found that staff working in mainland China exercised self-censorship when translating news stories taken from mainstream Australian media into Chinese for community newspapers because they feared retribution by the Chinese authorities over any content perceived as negative.

Publishers can Lonely lady looking nsa Bury risk a financial impact if content is blocked on Chinese social media platforms, said the report, which was funded by the Australian government. Who Cares? The study of Lonely lady looking nsa Bury stories, and interviews with media executives, found self-censorship by the outlets did not mean they were politically aligned with Beijing. There are 1. An earlier Lowy Institute survey found three-quarters of migrants read Chinese language news online, and that half read Chinese language newspapers.

The latest report recommended increased monitoring by the Australian media regulator to reduce the risk of propaganda reaching migrants through digital platforms. The study examined three media outlets, including two daily newspapers with circulations of around 20, and a digital news service that used Chinese social media platforms Weibo and WeChat to reach a bigger audience ofTranslations of stories published by mainstream Australian media outlets made up Stories mainly reported Australian policy viewpoints, but criticism of the Chinese government was removed [emphasis added]. My University Sacrificed Ideas for Ideology.

So Today I Quit. The more I spoke out against the illiberalism that has swallowed Portland State University, the more retaliation I faced. Peter Boghossian [ more heretweets here ]. Immediately thereafter, I revealed the article as a hoax deed to shed light on the flaws of the peer-review and academic publishing systems…. Do have a look at the full piece. How Woke Can the Democrats Go? From an article at the National Post :.

Liberals must demand probe into any China election meddling. There is growing evidence that for some voters, foreign matters played a key role, not due to personal preference, but foreign interference. Author of the article: Tasha Kheiriddin [ more here ]. And that interference had a direct impact on votes, seat count, and the shape of the 44th Parliament. Suddenly, Chinese language social media platforms such as WeChat were rife with falsehoods smearing Conservative candidates, even suggesting that the party was planning to ban WeChat itself. All three held ridings with a heavy concentration of Chinese-Canadian voters, and all three lost their seats to their Liberal opponents.

Why the animus? But it was also personal.

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And a barely veiled one at that. The law was modelled on Australian legislation and similar provisions in the United States [see the post linked to below after this quote] …. The only way to truly get to the bottom of what happened is a full investigation. The questions is whether the new Liberal government will have the political courage to demand one.

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As Canada celebrates the return of the two Michaels, it is easy to let the euphoria over their release bury the very real possibility that our election was compromised. That would be a grave mistake. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau needs to stand up for democracy, the rule of law, and the rights of Canadians to choose their leaders.

How C anada can get tough on China. Author of the article: Jonathan Berkshire Miller [ more here ]. Canada must also take actions at home, including a whole-of-government effort to combat disinformation, serious Lonely lady looking nsa Bury toward creating a foreign agent registry and tightening rules against foreign influence, interference and the threat posed by state-owned or state-affiliated companies that want to invest in, or contribute to, strategic infrastructure.

From the start of a post :. Yet crickets from Canada. The Navy has created a new task group on the East Coast to ensure it has ready destroyers that can deploy on short notice to counter the Russian submarine threat in the Atlantic Ocean. Task Group Greyhound — which officially declared initial operational capability on Sept. The plan is to take destroyers that have recently completed deployments and are awaiting maintenance availabilities and make them ready for training and operations in the Atlantic.

The service formally reestablished U. The Russian Navy has developed next-generation attack submarines armed with long-range land-attack [cruise] missiles with ranges of 1, miles or more [emphasis added, Yasen-class of sub a particular concernthose missiles could have nuke warhe, some Lonely lady looking nsa Bury be hypersonic].

The ships will be based out of Mayport and Norfolk, Va. And from ano ther story:.

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That acknowledgement spurred the standup of U. It also spurred the standup of Submarine Group 2 that Davies le — where he is dual-hatted as the deputy 2nd Fleet commander, raising the profile of sub-hunting missions to the fleet level….

Task Group Greyhound has been established by the USNavy to deploy on short notice with a mission to counter sub-surface threats in the Lonely lady looking nsa Bury. Russia test-fires new hypersonic missile from a nuclear submarine. A prospective Russian hypersonic missile has been successfully test-fired from a nuclear submarine for the first time, the military said Monday. The Russian Defense Ministry said that the Severodvinsk submarine performed two launches of the Zircon cruise missile at mock targets in the Barents Sea.

It first test-fired Zircon from the surface, and then launched another missile from a submerged position in the White Sea. It ly has been repeatedly test-fired from a navy frigate, most recently in July. Russian President Vladimir Putin has said Zircon would be capable of flying at nine times the speed of sound and have a Lonely lady looking nsa Bury of 1, kilometers miles. Putin has emphasized that its deployment will ificantly boost Russian military capability [so subs would have to approach pretty close to North America to launch].

For European powers, AUKUS raises uncomfortable questions about their willingness and capacity to contribute to a hard-power response in the Indo-Pacific. As Tim Huxley and Ben Schreer argue, their policies of strategic ambiguity will become increasingly difficult to sustain.

Hard power increasingly matters in the Indo-Pacific strategic equation, and the sudden and unexpected announcement of AUKUS [ more here ] threw this challenge for France, other European states and the EU into even sharper relief. France will continue to play an important role in Indo-Pacific security as the only European power other than the UK with ificant military power-projection capabilities, and will seek to strengthen its defence and security links with India among other regional states.

The UK is also likely to enhance further its defence cooperation with Japan. The new reality created by AUKUS will thus cast an unfavourable light on the lack of hard-power substance in the regional strategies of other European states and the EU. Yet, it remains to be seen whether European governments will be able to resolve a first-order strategic conundrum regarding their Indo-Pacific engagement: the need to reconcile their desire to avoid hard choices between the US and China with the realities of a deteriorating Indo-Pacific regional security environment.

Unless one is a former great imperial power retaining certain pretensions such as France and the for now UK. Jagdish Pandey, a professor of sociology at Delhi University.

Lonely lady looking nsa Bury

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