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But its spectacular scenery belies a brutal past and dark secrets. It had the makings of an Agatha Christie mystery: a vicious crime carried out in broad daylight in a place where everyone knows everyone. At the center of it all was a beautiful young woman named Janelle Patton, a recent transplant from Australia.

Janelle came to Norfolk Island fresh from a breakup, ready for a major change. She was on her own for the first time in her life. Janelle found work in a resort, which suited her outgoing, bubbly personality. Visitors loved her. She had an active social life. She was skipping around.

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She was really, really happy about that. It was a wonderful first day together. But the next day, passed, then came and went. Carol was growing annoyed. So they taped a note to their door and headed to the beach. And when the Pattons returned to their apartment, their note was still there. A bag and everything were on the table. Some shopping was there on the table. Hours passed. They drove around looking for her.

In fact, this was the first case in years. Solving it would not be easy or quick. And before it was all over, reputations would be destroyed, relationships ended, and an island would live in fear. I was, anyway. Having known Janelle, just think There were just two police officers on the island at the time, and they were now dealing with the biggest case the island had ever seen.

They needed help. Ron; crime scene; body bag on ground; police vehicle; Norfolk Island Police logo; body bag on ground. In many ways, it was like being dropped onto another planet. It was just a totally foreign environment to us. All four would discover that this is the land that time forgot, a place where traffic jams are caused by cows. Norfolk is a self-governing territory of Australia, an island with a Technicolor past. In the s, it was a penal colony, infamous for its cruelty. Bob Peters and Tony Edmondson; photo of Janelle; Tim Latham and Roger Maynard with their books beneath them; house exteriors; canoe; detritus; cows on road.

There are so many people here with the same names, the phone book Latino is seeking a Norfolk girl listings by nickname. And like any small town, people talk. Works far faster than the radio or the e-mail, even. JAMES: Voiceover Attractive, outspoken and single, it was Latino is seeking a Norfolk girl secret Janelle had been the topic of plenty of dem tull in her years on the island, stories not lost on writer Tim Latham.

Then a security camera snapped her image at the grocery store. Minutes later, at aroundlandlord Foxy McCoy saw Janelle leave her cottage for her daily walk to this scenic outlook. Along the way she was spotted by Jodie Williams, who was making a loop of the island trying to get her child to sleep.

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Men searching; photo of Janelle; forest; Castaway entrance; security camera footage of Janelle; road; view of village; Jodie Williams at fence. So it—something happened in that five-minute period for her to disappear. They looked like those Janelle was wearing in this photo taken the day before her murder. At the golf course below the lookout, two locals heard a bloodcurdling scream. MAYNARD: It was a scream that lasted for about a minute, and it was so loud apparently that somebody thought it was the reverse thrust of an engine of a plane landing at Norfolk Latino is seeking a Norfolk girl airport.

It was The gleeful teens were oblivious to the tarp in the distance and the body underneath. And when forensic pathologist Dr. Allan Cala examined it, he was shocked by what he found. Janelle had suffered a broken pelvis, fractured skull, 64 injuries in all. Cala found clues: glass fragments, flecks of paint. And how much evidence had they lost in that massive downpour? Body bag; glass fragments; paint flecks; torn shorts; piece of shirt; crime scene photo; autopsy report; flashlight on body bag.

Investigators knew the names of every one, which meant they knew the name of the killer. The challenge: figuring out which name it was. Voiceover So determined to solve the case, they even went so far as to have the law changed on Norfolk in order to collect fingerprints and DNA from any willing islanders between the ages of 15 and And if investigators could find out why she was killed, that could lead them to who had killed her.

Folders and photos of Janelle on desk; flags flying; people near police vehicle; person being fingerprinted; body bag being loaded up. In it she named names, and soon her secrets and those of a lot of unhappy islanders were about to be revealed. No ex-boyfriends to bump into, no reminders of her turbulent past. But as the investigation unfolded it became clear her personal life was another story. JAMES: She was bubbly, she was outgoing, she was charming, but it was also true that she rubbed some people the wrong way.

after laid out her heartache. JAMES: Voiceover Investigators learned that, time and again, her relationships with local men started well, then went south. The determination which fueled Janelle also made it difficult for her to Latino is seeking a Norfolk girl go, a trait which worried her friend Steve Borg. Curiously, in February, a month before her murder, she abruptly stopped. LATHAM: Because she had moved through several relationships and some of those relationships had ended badly, by the time of her murder there was immediately men to look at and men to question.

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Menghetti was raising four grieving children who were none too happy when Janelle began dating their father, then moved in. The feeling was mutual. A descendant of one of the Bounty mutineers, he and Janelle had dated for several months. Janelle was looking for a long-term relationship; Bucket was not.

Bucket; photos of Janelle and Quintal; Quintal; photos of interior of house; excepts from note.

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Like, I was not this—not the person, for a start. The pair were friends until Janelle accused Fieldes, who was married, of having an affair. The ugliness escalated to a bar fight which ended with Fieldes facing an assault charge. So far every lead led Detectives Peters and Edmondson right back to where they started. It seemed everyone on the island had an opinion. Photo of Janelle; autopsy report; security camera footage; men picking up body bag; notes; beach. In order to clear the air and hoping to get fresh tips, an inquest was held here in this tiny courtroom. Their private lives were about to become very public.

Family members are always investigated, and their arrival on Norfolk just 24 hours before the murder seemed, to some, suspicious. Quintal approaching courthouse; people gathered in courtroom; Carol and Ron approaching courthouse. For three days Peters laid out the investigation to a rapt audience. Ron and Carol in courtroom; Peters approaching courthouse; flowers; Greg Magri sitting; car in front of supermarket; interior of supermarket. While police had found a of people with possible motives to kill Janelle, Peters told the crowd they Latino is seeking a Norfolk girl forensic evidence linking only one person to the crime.

It was a mystery for a while. And there was the possibility the plastic had been stolen from his work site. But Bob Peters was about to discover a vital clue hidden all along in a police file, one which would lead investigators to a treasure trove of evidence that was nearly lost for good.

Quintal and Borg leaving court; Carol and Ron leaving court; Peters talking to woman; police vehicle; Norfolk Island Police logo; evidence. Announcer: Voiceover Coming up, a thousand miles away, a man with a new life and a secret was about to get a visit. Could a killer be living among them? Geoff Gardner was head of the local government at the time of the killing.

Sea; building exterior; house and clouds; house and Latino is seeking a Norfolk girl photo of Janelle; view of village; James investigating Geoff Gardner. GARDNER: And everybody who was on the island at that time came under the microscope at some time or other as to maybe it was them, could it possibly have been this other family.

Latino is seeking a Norfolk girl

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