Labrador for sale in los angeles

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Keep Me Informed. Labradors can make themselves at home anywhere, so they are perfect for diverse cities like LA. Adaptable to every living situation, Labradors are comfortable in both mansions and studio apartments. They are the perfect companion for young families with children, or seniors who like to stay active.

Labs were originally raised to perform tasks for hunters and laborers. This is why they are so friendly and easy to train. They have been the most popular dog breed for the last ten years in the United States, and Vet Street has a comprehensive overview of why this breed is so loved.

Like most breeds, Labradors love to stay active, but Labs are engaged by everything under the sun. Whether employed as a therapy dog, hiking outdoors, or training for a show, Labs enthusiastically follow orders and accomplish tasks.

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For a breed as multifaceted as Labradors, Los Angeles is a wonderland. There are dozens of dog-friendly restaurants you can take your Lab to, such as Home Restaurantfor example. Or you could even dog into a surf competition for a uniquely-LA experience.

For the more socially-inclined, you can a Lab-specific meetupor just head to your local dog park.

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There are endless opportunities for you and your Labrador to enjoy yourselves in Los Angeles. Pets go directly from one loving home in LA to another. Less stress. Less chance of illness or death. LA Shelters can focus limited resources on strays and abused animals. More available kennel space means fewer animals euthanized. Create a profile of your pet in minutes and post it on Get Your Pet for Adopters to see. When you find a pet that might be right for you, the site and securely message their Guardian for more info.

Learn why Get Your Pet is a simpler, smarter, more humane way to adopt a Labrador or other pet. We connect people who want to adopt or rescue a Labrador Retriever with people who need to find their Labrador a new home in the LA area. Watch Video. Rehoming a Labrador keeps them out of shelters.

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Why Get Your Pet? The best way to save a beloved Labrador Retriever, or any pet, is to keep them out of the shelter system. Rehoming a dog or cat is a better kind of pet adoption, in every way. LA Adopters meet and learn about pets from the Guardians owners who know them best. LA Veterinarians examine pets at no extra charge as a part of the pet adoption. LA Guardians keep their pets out of the shelter and find them a loving, new home.

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Everyone benefits with Get Your Pet. Learn More. Search by pet type, gender, location: dig deep into traits, breed, history and more. Make a Meet-up Arrange to meet at a neutral, convenient location, where the pet is calm and behaves naturally. Make a Legal Pet Adoption Adopt a pet legally, electronically, right on our site. More Adopter Info What does it cost?

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