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Koh Chang does not have too many attractions to offer and the island is explored in days by scooter. But in addition to the many surrounding islands, to which you can make great island hopping tours, there are plenty of beaches. Sometimes a little less is going on, sometimes a little more, but still everything is very quiet overall.

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In this travel report we want to introduce you to all the beaches. To help you find your way around, we will check out the beaches together from north to south. It is located at the northwestern end of the island and from there it is not far to the pier, from which you return to the mainland.

Many high-class accommodation and hotels are located on the White Sand Beach. Also there is a great choice of restaurants and Koh chang best beach opportunities. On the main street in front of the White Sand Beach, every night from 5. It is already relatively busy in Koh chang best beach high season, but absolutely not comparable to Phuket or Koh Samui. Here you will surely find a free spot and also a little shade under the trees.

If you go north along the beach, there are bungalows right on the beach and there is less going on. I could almost say it is a lonely beach. For swimming, the beach is excellent. The clear water and the fine sand inside it make swimming very pleasant. The beach, however, falls very shallow into the water, so you have to go a few meters further out to be able to swim really well. There are a lot of restaurants and bars in the south of the White Sand Beach and every evening you can sit comfortably on the beach, have a cocktail or a beer, smoke hookah and, if you like, enjoy the sunset with some lounge music.

For me it is definitely one of the most beautiful beaches on Koh Chang! Here you will find no sand, but a beach of small and larger stones. The bay is protected by rocks at the ends and is very calm. Only a few small bungalow resorts are situated here, but when I was there I did not meet a soul.

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For swimming unfortunately it is not so suitable, but for a relaxing day at the sea and a short visit certainly not wrong. These two beach names confuse the visitors like me a bit. I also searched Chai Chet for a while and was told that it is only accessible through the Chai Chet Resort. Actually, the explanation is quite simple. In the end, the two beaches are separated where the Klong Plu waterfall merge into the Gulf of Thailand.

The sand is fine and soft, both on the beach and in the water and you can also perfectly swim and relax in the shade of the trees. A little further south is the Kai Bae Beach in the same place. The beach is a bit more natural and so here are some more algae. Nevertheless, it is ideal for swimming and it also takes a while until the water gets deeper.

The ride takes about 20 minutes and from there you have a wonderful view of Koh Chang. Lonely Beach is, so to speak, the backpacker stronghold of Koh Chang. Here you will find small, very simple wooden huts on the beach Koh chang best beach a more or less large backpacker scene. The beach section is very narrow and the water gets deep fast, so the beach is ideal for swimming. There are not many spots in the shade, but you can still find them. On Lonely Beach there are also regular parties on the beach, more specifically at the Siam Hut Resort.

Koh chang best beach last southwestern beach is Bailan Beach. Access to the beach is possible through the Bailan Beach Resort.

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The beach is, however, very small and as good as not visited. Here you can spend a few quiet hours on the secluded beach. But it is not quite as good for swimming as there are many rocks in the water. By the way: From all the beaches in the southwest of the island you can enjoy a great sunset! It is often referred to as the Bang Bao Beach. Access to the beach can be found via a small wooden bridge.

Behind it, there are a few small resorts and beach bars where you can have some food, rent sunbeds and umbrellas. The Klong Koi Beach is perfect for swimming even in the rainy season because the Bang Bao Bay protects it a bit from the strong currents. The atmosphere is very quiet overall and for a relaxing day by the sea the Klong Koi Beach is only recommended! The Wai Check Beach is located in the south of the island and is accessible via an unpaved road. The meter long beach is lined with palm trees and ideal for swimming.

From the fishing village Bang Bao you can get there by chartered boat or by hiking from the other side of the island Salak Phet village through Koh chang best beach jungle to the beach. There are no shops or other things on site. Long Beach is located in the southeast of Koh Chang and it is a long way to go. Since there is no road along the coast in the south of Koh Chang, you have to drive around outside.

From White Sand Beach, this is just under 35 kilometers and about 45 Koh chang best beach drive. The last part is just a gravel road and if you go there with the scooter, then you should drive a little more cautiously. On site there is a resort or a small bungalow complex with a restaurant and the beach is quite deserted. A great natural beach, which is ideal for swimming and relaxing. Hi, I'm Tobi, a passionate travel blogger and freelancer in translations and copy writing.

Mostly I travel around Southeast Asia and work remotely from different locations.

Koh chang best beach

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