Kitten needs a playmate 18 France 18

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Added: Lexie Houpt - Date: Too Cute is an American television series that aired on Animal Planet from April 30, to December 27, Kitten owners go to great measures to take care of their fiercely independent pets as the birth and first few months of three separate kitten litters are documented in order to record all of the important moments in the kittens' lives. The birth and first months of three different litters of puppies are followed; fawning owners do everything they can to accommodate their new pets; adorable moments of puppies' lives are shown as they eat, sleep and play.

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Download as PDF Printable version. Add links. September 17, December 17, The Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica is dedicated to rescuing orphaned and injured sloths ; extremely endearing baby sloths lead busy lives that are full of activities and learn how their species survives in the wild. Three delightful litters of puppies come of age; the first few months of Pugs ', Mini- Australian Shepherds ' and Rottweilers ' lives are full of adventure, including an introduction to an agility course and lessons in duck-herding.

March 3, Featured are the epic adventuresome is that you are a that take place during the first few months in the lives of SavannahSiberian and Shorthaired kittens; cats grow up in a house full of guinea pigsturtles and hamsters and run off to discover surprising, new territory. March 10, The epic stories of three litters of kittens are followed as they grow from Kitten needs a playmate 18 France 18 "furballs" into rambunctious, young cats; hairless Sphynxes refine "cute"; Burmese cats explore new heights; tiny Ragdolls befriend German Shepherds.

March 17, Three litters of kittens pounce throughout the first few months of their lives; beautiful American Curl kittens get ready for life on the catwalk; a set of Tonkinese run circles around their mother; a Maine Coon shows his siblings who is boss.

March 24, Three litters of puppies go from cute to cuter during the first few months of their lives; a trio of Rhodesian Ridgebacks runs circles around their mom; fluffy Chow Chow puppies have heaps of attitude; a Havanese has her Kitten needs a playmate 18 France 18 full with five puppies. March 31, The coming-of-age stories of three litters are featured; three sweet puppies keep their Jack Russell Terrier mother active; a Portuguese Water Dog finds out that her litter may not be too fond of water; a Bullmastiff mother's four puppies keep growing.

Six fluffy Coton de Tulear puppies explore their farm home as one of them, Snowflake, struggles to find her place in the world until she meets Pipsqueak, an awkward baby pygmy goat ; a mischievous German shepherd puppy struggles in obedience class; two playful French Bulldog twins explore the world around them with the help of Angus, their very active father.

October 20, Oreo, a tiny tuxedo kitten meets a similarly attired companion: Nellie the Skunk. Sputnik le his Russian Blue siblings on a grand adventure. And, Ocicat Freckles tries to keep control of her five mini jungle cats. October 27, Nanook, a shy Chinookis the only boy in a litter of four, training to be a sled dog. Rocky, the Labradoodleand his brother Stanley grow up poolside. And Rollo and Pickle are wiener dogs who aspire to be athletes like their mom, a champion hotdog.

Then, everyone wants to be top dog in the Alaskan Malamute home. Finally, three Dalmatians grow into their spots as they show off their skills at the local fire station. November 24, In this "Best of" episode, viewers get a glimpse of the most adorable inter-species animal friendships. From roly-poly Ragdoll kittens and their German Kitten needs a playmate 18 France 18 playmate, to mini-Australian Shepherds and their quacking duckling pals, it's an extravaganza of cute.

December 8, Pit bull puppy Thor discovers an urban paradise where he can be Kitten needs a playmate 18 France 18 Collie pup Little Magic must learn to keep up with her pack mates; Chinese Crested puppies Bella and Buttons, though opposite in appearance, team up against a strange new creature. Toyger kitten Tonya overcomes her shy nature to befriend a large housemate.

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British Shorthair kittens audition for the role of "greeter" at a vet's office. And fluffy Ragamuffin Otto keep household chores at bay.

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Scout, a brave young Cairn Terrierattempts an adventure all on his own. And Peanut, the smallest of a litter of Boxersis steered to glory Kitten needs a playmate 18 France 18 his grandfather. February 9, Five little piggies must befriend Penny the Spaniel and learn their new farm home; Clover, a mini-lop rabbit must assert herself with feisty brother Harley; Samson and Delilah teach their hoglet Pip and her spiky siblings about the great outdoors. February 16, Calico kittens mingle with canine clientele at a dog-grooming salon where their mother works. Exotic Shorthair kittens are born into the lap of luxury, but soon reveal their mischievous side.

And a pair of Tabby kittens explore the great outdoors. February 23, Godiva Kiss, a Birman beauty queen, is raising three kittens who may follow in her royal footsteps. Tofu, a Cornish Rex kitten, and his siblings befriend Donna the Iguana. Cutie, a tortoiseshell cat is raising a twin brother and sister pair who are nothing alike. March 2, An adorable showdown takes place between Pucci the Chihuahua and the new Royal Himalayan kittens.

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Singapura mom Jasmine has a hard time keeping up with her tiny, energetic brood. Short-legged and long legged munchkin siblings navigate the world. March 9, Puck, a keeshond pup, befriends a flock of ducks on the Kitten needs a playmate 18 France 18 while sister Tulip explores the woodshop. A little Great Dane named Marvin is adjusting to his fast-growing body. Cocker Spaniel pups look the same but certainly don't act the same.

March 16, Lab mix rescue pup Sally is never seen far behind brother Safari, Pomeranian triplets Sparrow, Wren and Finch carry on mom Star and dad Tucker's job of watching over a feathered menagerie and Ibizan Hound puppies Carmen, Figaro and Arabella try to out chase each other. March 23, Anya the Doberman pinscher and her human best friend, toddler Kaylee, have a big job keeping up with Anya's 12 new puppies. Runt beagle pup Roo hopes his nose will help him hunt with his sisters. Show dog Bichon Frise Angel breeds her champion brood. In this best-of episode: Bold little Maine coon kitten Lulu tries to help her dad get along with her siblings.

Persian kittens prepare to be like their show cat mom, Truly Elegant. Siberian twins Mittens and Socks are rescued from the closet by Maksim, the cat of the house. Twelve Goldendoodles take over the household, including the bed of their piggy housemate, Trouble. A Westie pup tries to keep up with her twin brother who is always wandering off. And a batch of Swiss Mountain puppies take a while to find their stride.

Kitten needs a playmate 18 France 18

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Kitten needs a playmate 18 France 18