Keira knightley and orlando bloom dating

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The year-old had been dating the Beyond the Sea beauty, six years his junior, since they met while shooting a Gap commercial three years ago. But Bloom recently pulled the plug because hectic work schedules -- Bloom filming this month's Kingdom of Heaven in Morocco and Elizabethtown in Kentucky, Bosworth filming Superman Returns in Australia -- have kept them apart too much to keep the relationship going.

Seems that wasn't all the elfen actor was up to. Alas, while the Pirates of the Caribbean paramours are heating up the big screen back-to-back swashbuckling sequels are in the worksthey remain simply friends off screen. No word on whether Goldberg has ever held anybody's hair back for any reason. And the two have been linked romantically since. The Oscar co-nominees were recently spotted enjoying a cosy lunch together at the trendy New York City eatery Le Gamin, with Hawke's two-year-old son Roan in tow.

While he'll next be seen competing with a huge hairy ape for the affections of Naomi Watts in Peter Jackson's remake of King Kongoff Keira knightley and orlando bloom dating Brody has enjoyed a series of romantic dates with his Jacket co-star Keira Knightley.

The two were inseparable while filming the psychological thriller in Scotland. Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, were splashed across tabloids recently when the two were spotted dining together at a posh Beverly Hills hotel.

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It turns out the two were discussing starring together in an upcoming romantic comedy, coincidentally titled The Breakup. In addition to Vince Vaughn, Aniston has been spending time with French actor Vincent Cassel, her co-star in the upcoming Derailed and soon-to-be-ex-hubby Pitt's co-star in Ocean's Twelve Cassel played the gymnastic master thief and chief rival of Ocean's crew. But that doesn't mean we can't look back fondly at her more carefree days on the dating scene, does it?

Vincent Cassel has always been surrounded by rumors: that he dated his Birthday Girl co-star Nicole Kidman, that he's dating his Derailed co-star, Jennifer Aniston, now. You know - -the only good reason to watch the Matrix sequels.

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Almost makes us look back fondly on the Jen-and-Ben thing, or the Ben-and-the-other-Jen thing. But if you must know, here's the latest: Since his separation from Jennifer Aniston, the tabs have played connect-the-dot between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, his co-star in the upcoming Mr. Of course, those are the same tabs that reported that Pitt was recently spotted with year-old Maxim model April Florio.

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Only it turns out that it was actually a Brad Pitt lookalike partying with Florio in Greece. Which means there are two people on this planet who look like Brad Pitt. Seems the Kill Bill star has been keeping a low profile at least by Hollywood's standards since the breakup of her marriage to Ethan Hawke.

Word is Hawke had an affair with some Montreal barmaid.

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Or maybe Thurman had an affair with director Quentin Tarantino, who seems to have a fetish for Uma's feet. Either way or neither wayThurman is single again. For the moment. It's not known whether Kidman's kids, with ex Tom Cruise, were invited. Kidman, of course, refused. Jackson, who's dropped the sequined glove and sunglasses in favor of sports jackets and pajamas, has also dated Brooke Shields, Liz Taylor and a chimp named Bubbles. If loose lips sink ships, then Angelina Jolie would be better off avoiding the high seas.

The British tabloid mainstay and sister of supermodel Jodie Kidd has a of hoity-toity types in her romantic Rolodex, including Italian construction scion Giorgio Veroni and some dude named Arthur, the Earl of Mornington.

Keira knightley and orlando bloom dating

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