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As the second-largest city in Kentucky, Lexington offers some of the best equine destinations in the world. A mix of historical, artistic, and natural locations make for an interesting holiday with lots to choose from. Made from enchanting Georgian brick, it was built from to and used as a tavern and inn.

Now, the Mary Todd Lincoln House is a historical site, preserved to commemorate this gem of American history. It is the first historical location that was restored for the sake of a first lady and comes complete with artifacts that truly submerge you in history. Its rooms retain much of its original photographs and furnishings of its period and its exterior shows off a lovely set of gardens perfect for strolling through. It boasts 14 rooms and you can embark on a one-hour tour through them while learning of the life and times of this influential figure.

Keeneland is a professional racing course for horses that is publicly open throughout the year. Among the many things that pepper the Keeneland calendar are huge thoroughbred auctions — some of the largest in the United States! You can check out the Keeneland Kids Club if you have children aged 12 and below, visit the shop to buy horse-themed gifts, browse thoroughbred historical archives, or simply walk through the immaculate grounds!

The horse park is home to the Smithsonian International Museum of the Horse, which tells the tales of horse-rearing and its history the way horses have been used in society, and how horse breeds have evolved over the years. It houses great artifacts like the Calumet Trophy Collection and lists amazing racehorses across time in the Hall of Champions.

The rest of the park has demonstrations of old-timey professions like wagoners, blacksmiths, and harness makers. Horse shows Just sexy fun Fort worth ky also held in the park, with all sorts of breeds ranging from typical workhorses and rarer varieties, and you can even take a ride on a carriage pulled by a horse!

Raven Run Nature Sanctuary sits peacefully on a southern fringe of the city of Lexington, spanning acres of lush greenery. A mix of woodland, forestry, and streams wind through the delightful spot, with 10 miles of hiking trails that make for a fantastic sightseeing adventure. The sanctuary is deed to preserve the wild green of the Kentucky River Palisades, providing a wonderful open space to roam while showcasing the importance and historical value of the patches of land it inhabits.

You might find some remnants left behind from settlers of the 19th century or stumble upon the bird blind Just sexy fun Fort worth ky you can observe and learn about the nature of the Bluegrass wilderness. Other things you can do in the Raven Run Nature Sanctuary include the Joe Pulliam Memorial Garden, which is a stop for monarch butterflies in their migration. Looking for some more thrill? Here are some exciting things to do in Kentucky! Taking a trip to the Aviation Museum of Kentucky and perusing its many exhibits is a surefire must do in Lexington.

The museum hosts all sorts of aircraft exhibits, from the likes of Vietnam War-famous Bell Cobra copters to the undeniably cool F-4 Phantoms. A combination of different aircraft gives you a great glimpse into a mix of classic, old, and modern aviation.

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The exhibit arena is as comprehensive as it is expensive, with displays of both replica and authentic variety. Military, civilian, and commercial aircraft are displayed, and you can learn more about them and the history of aviation in the museum library. There is also the Kentucky Aviation Hall of Fame that lists all sorts of great figurehe of the state in this industry. All year round, you Just sexy fun Fort worth ky also head over to the restoration and repair shop on museum grounds that teach visitors about the repair and maintenance of old aircraft.

The Kentucky Theatrelocated in the downtown area of Lexington, has been around for almost a century! You can also have fun admiring the cantilever staircase, the portraits, and porcelain, or wandering through the walled courtyard and garden. The antebellum mansion is the biggest example of this, with an extremely luxurious main building contracted by three less extravagant outbuildings — one lived in by slaves.

Green grounds, with more slave quarters, an ice house, and a smokehouse, also still stand here now. The Waveland State Historic Site offers daily tours that will tell you about the lives of the families that lived here and the slaves as their beck and call. Period furnishings, decorations, and artifacts make for curious things to observe on your way through the main mansion and the buildings near it.

Special events like Derby Day Breakfasts, baseball games, costumed exhibits, and Tea Tuesdays add to the special attraction of the site. Workshops and touring shows are also held once in a while, and permanent collection entry is completely free. Some other interesting spots on the university grounds are the Buell Armory, the Rupp Arena, and a bookstore. The Rupp Arena is especially interesting since it is the home of the state basketball team, the Kentucky Wildcats!

The Arboretum is well-known as one of the must-see spots in Lexington all year round. Owned by the University of Kentucky, this space spans acres and first opened its doors in All sorts of Just sexy fun Fort worth ky are held throughout the year, rotating with the seasons, most of which are perfect for the whole family to enjoy!

If you have more time to explore, Louisville is not too far! Located about 80 miles from Arboretum, here are some of the best things to do in Louisville, KY! McConnell Springs is a beautiful rush of wilderness and thick greenery that decorates the fringes of Lexington along the north. The group arrived here at the beginning of the American Revolution and named the beginning of this settlement after a Massachusetts town, also called Lexington. In terms of stuff to do, McConnell Springs boasts historical ificance that provides an air of importance to this serene location.

Remnants of a dam, farm buildings, stone fences, and even a creamery can also be found scattered throughout the vicinity. Ash trees, brooks, two miles of hiking trails, and springs all make McConnell Springs an awesome place to head to when you want to take in some sights for sore eyes.

Lexington Cemetery is the final resting place of over 60, people and has existed for over years. Worrell actor Jim Varney. Just sexy fun Fort worth ky special water features also add to the somber but sweet atmosphere that the cemetery has as a whole. Enjoy a little stroll here as you respectfully look at the graves or even go on a walking tour that takes you through the metal plate graves across the acres of the grounds. So if you love all things equine, taking a trip to this one-mile long, oval-shaped Lexington track is something to add to your list of what to do.

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Live races are held in the months of July, August, and September, but workouts are held every single day all the way from dawn to late morning. The Old Friends Thoroughbred Retirement Farms is just another one of them, and it still holds up as one of the top things to do in Lexington! This is where retired thoroughbreds go to live out the rest of their days in peace and enjoyment.

Blowen was moved to open the farm after finding out that a Kentucky Derby-winning horse wound up in a Japanese slaughterhouse. Unfortunately, this is still a common fate for many winning horses once they are too old to race. Over different racehorses, now retired, live in three different locations attached to Blowens organization, including the Old Friends Thoroughbred Retirement Farms — and many of them were iconic in their time! You need to reserve a spot in advance here for visits and guided walks, with each walk coming with some carrot snacks to feed the horses!

Headley was a jewelry deer and Whitney was a crafter, and their handiwork is showcased all throughout the museum. Artistic innovation and talent have a fun meaning at the Healey-Whitney Museum, and a rose garden, library, and shell grotto add to its appeal. Once more reminding you of the brewing industry of Kentucky is another great Lexington brewhouse: West Sixth Brewing. It is a rather hipster-like and remarkably cool distillery that serves up great drinks and style. Head over to the Lexington Visitors Center! Visitor Information Specialists are Just sexy fun Fort worth ky to help those who visit and can offer lots of materials and literature about attractions, accommodation, food, and more.

You can also stop by the view memorabilia, like a life-sized blue horse, and lots of photo op spots. Institute is one of the more modern of Lexington attractions. This part of Kentucky is sadly lacking in cultural showcases, so Institute fills that void well. Open for public viewing from Wednesdays to Saturdays in the mornings and afternoons, Institute boasts exhibitions from artists in their early- or mid-careers. When considering what to do in Lexington during an early June visit, why not visit the Festival of the Bluegrass?

The Festival of the Bluegrass is probably one of the biggest festivals for the genre in the world, combining all the wonders of honkytonk, folk violin, banjo, and more. For equine enthusiasts, something to add to your bucket list of sites in Lexington, Kentucky is Thoroughbred Park. Just sexy fun Fort worth ky park spans 2. Across the park, 13 statues of horses stand, often depicted grazing or racing, and children are allowed to touch, climb, and stroke them each in turn.

There are also 42 plaques across the park that honor important people in the history of the thoroughbred industry, including President George Washington and Queen Elizabeth II. The factory provides delicious tours throughout its facility, and these tours are easily among the most fun things to do in Lexington! For families with kids or for chocolate fanatics, taking a trip to this wonderful chocolate and candy factory is a surefire must do.

The historical background provided by guides mixed with the interesting chocolate-making process is a great mix of education and excitement. The Henry Clay Estate is a great option for something to do in the area! A huge Italianate home with two wings and surrounded by greenery and forest, it is a testament to old Lexington. Inthe New Madrid Earthquake caused this plantation to be completely rebuilt eventually in the middle of the century. You should also check out Civil War monuments on the property or learn about the Clay family and its history and ancestry. The most delicious offerings come with breakfast: hearty plates of American countryside cuisine, Belgian-style waffles, and more are served hot and ready to tantalize the tastebuds.

This dish is a sliced brisket sandwich, with the beef tender and stacked, charred just enough around the edges, and Just sexy fun Fort worth ky balanced with pickles and onions. Other southern staples are served at Blue Door Smokehouse, and you can always order their chocolate fudge brownies for a sweet dessert treat. Do note that the diner is only open at night on Fridays and Saturdays and on all other days, it closes at 3 pm.

Jacobson Park is an urban park that is great for sightseeing tourists and for Lexington, Kentucky locals. Among the things you can enjoy in this Kentucky park are pedal-boat rentals available seasonally, fishing opportunities for those with s, and a large pond for other water activities. And, of course, for the whole family, there are covered shelters and open fields to wander through, have picnics in, and enjoy the break from the rush of the city.

This makes it one of the best for those who want something slightly more unorthodox and fun for their trip. The museum is named after a late chemistry professor from Transylvania University who worked at the institution for an impressive fifty years. Though they look extremely out-of-this-world and resemble something from science fiction now, they were the peak of modern medical technology back in their time.

A lot of the instruments are accompanied by features deed to teach you some basic concepts of physics, chemistry, and biology. A lot of these were purchased between the years and in places like Paris and London, then brought to Transylvania University for the medical students. One of the most interesting pieces at this museum is a life-sized wax figure called Medical Venus, which is a dissectible female figure made by casting cadavers for tissue and organ models.

It features a five-story Foucault pendulum, complete with a frieze that showcases figures of horse history and even eight jockeys, all Lexington locals. Despite its obscurity, this ceiling clock is still considered among quintessential Lexington attractions thanks to its cool and unusual structure, artistic value, and fun interpretive meaning.

Termed as one of the most beautiful places in the USLexington is full of fun and enticing locations that are sure to interest you. Augustine Florida. James R. Just sexy fun Fort worth ky P. Old Friends. West Sixth Brewing.

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Lexington Visitors Center. Institute Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour. Festival of the Bluegrass. Windy Corner Market. Blue Door Smokehouse.

Just sexy fun Fort worth ky

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