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Dental bonding is a common and popular treatment option for patients who have gaps between their teeth, cracked teeth, chips in their teeth, decaying teeth or even patients who have exposed roots caused by other dental conditions. The bonding is made from a composite resin material that is strong and can be molded to look and feel like your real teeth.

It is not an appliance like a bridge or dental implant, but it is a substance that can be shaped to restore the look and function of your teeth with ease. There are many benefits to having bonding applied to your teeth. One benefit is that it will instantly improve the look of your teeth and smile. This will come as a great relief to many patients who struggle with cracked or chipped teeth and can't wait to get their teeth fixed.

Another benefit is that the bonding can also strengthen the tooth overall; when teeth are cracked, they are more susceptible to bacteria, infection, and further damage. Restoring the shape of a cracked or chipped tooth means that some of the strength can be restored as well. Another benefit of bonding is that it is instant. Most dental bonding treatments can be completed in one visit with our dentists, meaning you don't need to walk around with chipped or cracked teeth any longer.

You can have your dental bonding touched up at future dental visits if you notice the bonding is wearing away, or if it needs to be replaced. Dental bonding is fast and easy. The tooth that needs to be repaired will be cleaned and dried. Our dentists will apply cleansers and adhesives to prepare the tooth to receive the bonding. This allows for the bonding to attach to the existing tooth surface. The resin is made up of several components, including a glue-like substance that adheres the resin to the surface of the tooth. It is applied in layers until the desired thickness is achieved. The compound can be colored to match your surrounding teeth, and then the resin is set using a special light that will harden the compound quickly and easily.

Your new tooth will be cleaned and polished, and adjusted to fit your bite and smile. The entire process normally takes hours, depending on the of teeth that need to be bonded and the severity of the damage to the tooth. Dental bonding is not permanent; however, it can last a long time. When it is cared for properly, and when you visit our dentists on a regular basis for exams and touch-ups, dental bonding can last for many years. Proper care is important because dental bonding can start to discolor after some time. I don t cum easy need Raleigh North Carolina who do not take care of their bonded teeth can see discoloration start to occur.

For patients who have severely damaged teeth, dental bonding might need to be replaced with I don t cum easy need Raleigh North Carolina types of solutions or appliances later. Dental bonding is meant for use in simple cosmetic improvements that don't impact the function of a person's teeth or gums in any way.

Cracks, chips, and gaps are the most common issues that dental bonding can correct. They are different from veneers in that veneers are made of layered glass ceramics and crafted outside of your dental office in a special lab. The veneer is deed to look and feel like your real teeth, and it adheres to your tooth with a bonded cement. If you are tired of looking at that gap between your teeth, or if you are feeling self-conscious about the crack in your tooth, dental bonding can improve the look of your teeth quickly and easily.

The longer you put off having cracks or chips treated, the more risk you pose to your teeth. Cracks can spread, and chips can lead to decay. When decay or further damage occurs, more invasive procedures might be necessary. It is wise to seek treatment for your cracked or chipped teeth as soon as possible.

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Dental bonding is suitable for children, teenagers, and adults of all ages. Abernethy grew up in Concord, North Carolina, however, she has called Raleigh "home" for the past 20 years. She came to Raleigh to attend college and graduated from Meredith College Magna Cum Laude in with a BS in biology and a minor in chemical physics. Wells is a North Carolina native who grew up in the Pinehurst area and has spent the past 10 years studying and practicing dentistry in Chapel Hill.

We each enjoy doing a broad range of procedures. This allows us to provide many services in-house rather than referring patients out as much as possible. From simple tooth colored fillings to surgical procedures, we enjoy offering a range of options for our patients. We have all devoted many hours to advanced training under the direction of Frank Spear who is world renowned for cosmetic repair of the most worn or severely damaged teeth. Garg and have been placing dental implants since Implants are a rehabilitative option for patients needing to replace missing teeth or anchor dentures.

We offer a minimally invasive alternative option for covering exposed roots caused by recession that does not involve extensive roof of the mouth grafting, called the Gumdrop Technique. Dental procedures can be often overwhelming due to phobia, and needed appointments to the dental office are often delayed or even avoided entirely. Our office offers multiple levels of sedation to make sure you're visiting as often as suggested. Your smile may become damaged, decayed, or need cosmetic repair and jeopardizing your oral health.

Dental crowns are the perfect solution for such patients. Restore your teeth back to a beautiful and healthy shine. Sometimes aspects of your teeth cannot be changed as easily. In these cases, to get the healthy cosmetic smile you're looking for porcelain veneers are the perfect solution. We have been using digital impressions and 3D printing since This technique allows us to eliminate many steps that commonly amount to error. Computer aided de allows us to make and I don t cum easy need Raleigh North Carolina restorations in the same visit preventing additional appointments and taking advantage of the patient being numbed only one time.

Something as simple as whitening can drastically change your appeal. In the past most of the whitening options caused tooth sensitivity.

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We offer an array of choices that are tailored to avoid sensitivity while giving you the best outcome. We all hate those dreadful fever blisters. Suffer no more from unsightly sores, we offer this as quick and painless option. Dental Bonding in Raleigh, NC. Why Dental Bonding?

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The Art of Your Smile. First Last. The Dental Bonding Process. Long Lasting Aesthetics. Bonding vs. Consider Dental Bonding. Anna Abernethy, DDS. Jill Sonner, DDS. General Dentistry. Cosmetic Dentistry. Dental Implants. Dental Grafting. Sedation Dentistry. Dental Crowns. Porcelain Veneers. Teeth Whitening. Laser Therapies.

I don t cum easy need Raleigh North Carolina

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