How to make my iphone a hotspot without jailbreaking

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Well, fortunately there is a work around that requires no Jailbreaking or messy hacking to Tether it up. Update: Many people seem to be having trouble getting this to work. Interesting that you should have to install it twice, but who knows and if it works so be it! I recommend that you put help. Anyone have any ideas? Some crazy high bill or breech of contract cost is a worry to me!

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I cannot get windows network connections to see my iphone on my laptop. Ive plugged into2 diffetent desktops and got it to tether no problem. Any suggestions? My laptop is running windows xp home addition with svc pack3.

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Any help that anyone can give is appreciated. Yeah — same here. Works on 3. Please let us know when new hack is out.

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I had ly installed internet tethering and worked great, then I updated to 3. Are there any fixes for this issue? I too recently upgraded to 3. I have correctly installed the right profile for my iPhone. The iPhone seems to be working correctly and I have turned Internet tethering on. However, on my windows xp laptop when I plug my iPhone in all that comes up is about getting the photos from my iPhone.

Nothing about using the Internet through it or it being an Ethernet device?! OK, now that 3. Dylan, in Windows, after Step 8 in the instructions, go look at your networks under the control panel. You should see a new active network connection — on mine it says LAN2. If you disable your wireless network connection you should also see this active connection in the tray.

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It works without any further setup. I know the next software update, the next big one that is, will disable the tethering. For those of you having problems getting this to work on windows.

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You will need to disable all other networks for your iPhone network to be useable. Just have to click on any other connection you might be using and disable them. Logged off my PC and restarted, internet tethering started again. What is the best way to end the internet tehtering session: unplug iphone or PC, logoff of PC? Works great for me. Only problem that I have was trying to pair via bluetooth. A little help please.

Apple 3gs, install the profile, connect to XP Pro computer. An error occurred during the installation of this device. Fatal Error during installation. Click finish to close the wizard. This worked awsome. I am using windows xp and it recognized the settings once I plugged it in. The 3G is fast. I tried to connect it to my Window XP, not luck. I checked all connection, it did not show up. Any advice? This rocks!! I tethered in less than 2 mins.

Configured BlueTooth, and was up and running.

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Thank you thank you thank you. How did you set up the bluetooth? Im running a black macbook pro and an iPhone 3Gs. It should be included in the data charge. No setup was needed although there may be a popup that asks what type of network it is — Public, etc.

Iave am running this on a note book and do not have an option in my newtork connection to select the iPhone called Ethernet as its none existant. What OS are you running? I use OS X and have a Macbook. Where did it say this? Do you have a screen shot? Holding the home button and power button at the same time takes a screen shot. I got that at first also but I went back and then into network again and it showed up. Works great with bluetooth and USB. Odd, it worked fine for me. Are you running iPhone Software 3.

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Thanks abundantly! I installed the profile with firmware 3. Do you have any advice? Works fine with 3. Any help would be gladly appreciated! It worked fine, the 1st time. Caleb, I tried to connect it to my Window XP, not luck.

How to make my iphone a hotspot without jailbreaking

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How to Turn iPhone into WiFi Hotspot