How to be a christian woman dating

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I started writing the answer to this post and before I could type a word, realized I had no idea what the answer was. So I polled women I knew and respected of various marital statuses. I asked them what they believed the role of a woman in dating is according to their experience and according to scripture.

I love the richness and diversity of their responses:. We are called as women to submit to the pursuit and leadership of men. We have a biblical call to wait, submit and be patient. Since this is a biblical instruction spoken by God, in that place we as women will have most peace. Straying away from that call which could mean taking control, impatiently initiating yourself, etc. This healing takes time, pain, time, trust in God, time, and patience…oh, and time.

Then, I am to live my life…I mean live it. Do what I dreamed of, go on adventures, ask people all sorts of questions, reflect, seek and live! And then, always hope…hope in God and rest in His grace. I think if we, as women, do those things, then the right men will us in the right relationships by taking on that role as well.

It has been a struggle of mine before, which is perhaps why one of my favorites verses is Romans — Love must be How to be a christian woman dating. Keep in mind flashing red lights in dating can destroy a marriage. Date with purpose and grow in the process. It is to illustarte the pursuit of Christ to his church How to be a christian woman dating in return her submission to his love and authority. In dating the girl gets the chance to sit back and relax if she can allow herself to see it that way.

The man initiates and pursues her as God turns his heart to do so and the girl responds and affirms his pursuit. Plain and simple. One of my favorite things to see is a man of God who is pursuing a woman. That woman is freed and covered by his pursuit. She is freed to affirm his masculinity being manifested by his pursuit of her and in turn she is not put in a position to be solely vulnerable or manipulative to get his affections.

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What would be our response then? Thanks for posting this! I would agree with being prayerful, honest, open and sincere. But I hear many Christian women saying they need to wait to be pursued. Wait, wait, wait. Hold on, did I hear Christian women need to wait? When I look over all the bible stories where the way they met is described, I cant think of any where the man pursued the woman. And in the garden of Eden God brought the woman TO the man.

I think the wait and let him pursue is nuts. Each broken. Each fallen. Each with strengths and weaknesses. If we knock the doors is opened by Him. I suggest that women should do some knocking — and the man might open to her. The man is meant to be doing God-stuff and the woman watches him and decides if she wants to be his help mate.

She can only make that decision How to be a christian woman dating he is doing what God has called him to do. The man needs to be NOT focused on woman, but focused on His calling, doing what He is meant to be doing. So I think the answer to my doubts is this post! If we put this much time into the topic of Christian Dating, are we separating it from Christian Marriage? If we are not, why we are asking how God wants us to date? Since Christian Marriage overrides that clearly. I think the wait and let him pursue approach is nuts.

If we knock the door is opened by Him. I suggest that women should do some knocking — and the man will open the door to her.

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Although I wrote that with a sense of humor, I actually think this is true. I have experienced all of the above and can honestly say, that experience has taught me this: God first, Me second bc you need to be healthy to have a healthy relationship and my relationships third. This sequence assures that God will always be my first love and his will the most important element in my life and my relationships.

This also allows me to be fully feminine and allow men to be the pursuer. I have been pursued and been the pursuer.

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The most fulfilling relationships were with men who were the pursuer which allowed them to lead, because they knew I trusted and respected them. Take your time, keep the faith and be true to God and yourself! Blessings Ladies!!! Thank you, Andrea for this great blog — it has encouraged me immensely! I follow you and your father! Blessings on both your ministries! This is my position. When we put God first, He takes care of the rest.

Thanks for this post.

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One of the most important factors is to seek God first with your whole heart and every step of the way. Ask Him to reveal you to yourself, because He knows how we are, what we need, and what His plans are for us better than we will ever know. In regards to actually dating, its important to remember that men are visionaries, and women are enhancers, so if my purpose doesnt enhance his vision, it wont work. Take every step moment by moment. I like this!! My personal view is that dating is for finding the person you want to marry, right? Kids at my highschool are always dating and breaking up.

I think its just a distraction from God. Great question! Pretty sure girls were in their teens when they married then and the man was typically much older. Anyone else? It is important to get to know different types of people as you develop emotionally and socially. I find that group dating is best. It helps to prevent the temptations that come with exclusiveness and being alone together too often. I find, that even when I was married, I learned a lot by seeing my ex-husband around his friends and family. As much as we think we are being genuine, we show different sides of ourselves around different people based on how comfortable we are with them.

This is especially true in teens because they are so concerned with fitting in and peer acceptance. Youth groups, retreats, clubs, community organizations and employment are all great ways to get to know people without actually being on a date.

Look at the whole person and how they treat others as well as yourself. I was once given a good piece of advise — ask a guy about his mother, or even better see how he acts toward her. How he treats the most important woman in his life until you! I speak from experience…. Just kidding. I live a complete life, regardless of my relationship status. Neither can that there are no men of God our age. I believed that women only waited, only hoped, never initiated anything because that could be seen as too forward or it could be not allowing the man to lead.

Any relationship — whether parent child, friends, or boy-girl requires give and take from both parties. I think flirting and showing interest encourages the man that if he is interested, he should pursue. Probably not. I think the most encouraging thing we can do for our brothers in Christ is not make it so hard on them.

Thanks, Katy! And, like you, my How to be a christian woman dating have changed so much even since college. What suggestions do you have for showing more initiative, flirting, ect, while maintaining self respect, and presenting myself as a woman of God? The bible DOES provide guidlines for dating! But the bible does make it very clear that as a follower of Christ there are ways to conduct yourselves and there are ways not to conduct yourself. They are beautiful guidelines for conduct and dating is ALL about conduct and character!

See RomansGalatians and so many other passages. Such wisdom! Loved reading it…you continue to do great work on this blog. Keep it up A! This is crucial in a dating relationship. For it must be a Christian way of dating having a strong boundaries against the persuading temptations. The intimacy is different with the married couples. Both the men and women unmarried should guard their ways against unrighteousness. And they must not hardened their hearts. This kind of deceit brings danger to the Christian souls hindering the maturity in knowing Christ.

Its like the devils are eating a part of your spirituality little by little until it becomes hardened. The relationship at this time, is not anymore a blessing. Do not stir up love How to be a christian woman dating it is not right. Cut-off the physical desire and intimacy by remembering the promises of God and even the consequences.

God wants you to date with a clear conscience for you both to enjoy the blessing and pleasure that is everlasting. It is nice to know there are still Christian women around.

How to be a christian woman dating

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