How long should you date before getting in a relationship

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When you decide to make it official will have a lot of impact on how the relationship pans out from then on in. It sets a precedent of what kind of person you are: are you quick to form attachments, or do your high standards make it nigh-on impossible to find someone to stick with? Are you firm and decisive, or wracked with indecision? There are two main approaches to making your decision.

The first is to relax into it, go with the flow and hope for the best. For some, making it official is a big deal. In a culture where everything is becoming more fluid, why feel the need to slap a label onto the relationship at a clearly defined time? For some people uncertainty, especially in something as important as a relationship, is a curse rather than a blessing.

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Even if you feel content with the arrangement, the other person may not, and for the relationship to succeed, you need to be on the same. Not all relationships are the same, and talking it through in this way will minimise the potential for heartbreak later on.

Of course we would never encourage obsessive or controlling behaviour on the part of a partner, yet just be aware. Think of them as an old building. Sometimes buildings are even knocked down, yet their facades left standing, legally protected as they often are. But more importantly, do you actually like them?

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Do you enjoy spending time with them? If you were to wake up one morning in a world where everyone was asexual, would you still enjoy hanging out with them?

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Sure, sex is great, but relationships based purely on sexual attraction tend to fizzle out rather quickly. In many ways, the best modern relationships are best friendships with added sex! A useful way to find this out, rather than simply deciding yourself which is dreadfully unreliable is to introduce them to your friends and see if they hit it off. Yet the poor bloke was blind to it. Have you had long chats about your political views, intimate secrets and family backgrounds? If you know a lot about them and still like them, then your relationship will be more durable. Are you breaking dating rules with them?

Are you texting them before the decreed hour wait is up?

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When to make your relationship official. Are you playing your love games with me? As you like it But more importantly, do you actually like them? Gus Bambridge-Sutton.

How long should you date before getting in a relationship

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